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Wayne Madsen – Canada’s Racism and Capitalist Corporate Tyranny

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January 2, 2013 in World News


This article has some interesting language not common to frequent Inforwars article sources:


“By all measures of governing standards, the Conservative government of Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper embodies the same racist policies as that of the governments of the former Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa. … Coupled with Canada’s abhorrent support for Israel’s expansionistic Zionist policies at the expense of the people of Palestine, the Harper government’s attempt to wrest control of resource-rich lands from Canada’s indigenous peoples for exploitation by multinational corporations is reminiscent of the same policies that saw native lands of South Africa and Rhodesia crudely exploited by DeBeers and British American Tobacco.”

… but perhaps it was the final line of the piece, rather than the ‘race’ based content, which kept this from the Infowars main page.

“Today, the Native Americans will find they have allies among the descendants of those who invaded and occupied their lands because we all have common foes in the greedy and environmentally-destructive capitalist corporations and their puppets who run the governments of Canada and the United States.” (bold and underlining emphasis mine)

Note how that contradicts the “Obama is a socialist” line of pure hokum, which we find all to frequently on this and other “patriot” sites – to spite the fact that anyone familiar with the definitions of the terms “socialist” and “fascist,” can see with a cursory glance that the Demise of Liberty we face, today, originates in transnational-corporations puppeteering governments – not the other way around. When the Fortune 500 are nationalized, and the disproportionate wealth of billionaires is confiscated by the same governments which they manipulated to pass laws and regulations allowing them to circumvent meaningful market-competition, I will consider revising that assessment.

Until that day arrives (don’t hold your breath), let’s keep our eye on the ball – our struggle for Individual Liberty and control over our lives against continual erosion by Transnational Corporations and the Corporate-Run Governments they control.

Liberty can only be achieved by meaningful control over our Life Support System – the Earth. If you have to beg a land-”Lord” or bankster, with offerings of money, for the right to a place to “simply be,” you are not by any stretch of the imagination, “truly free.”

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