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Turning the T.I.P. – From Guernica to Huola

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June 1, 2012 in World News


The opium route along the T.I.P axis (Turkey-Iran-Pakistan)
Vividly demonstrates the tip-of-destabilization wedge
created by the globalists against Russia and Europe


Following the aftermath of the Houla massacre which is currently being leveraged by NATO to justify a possibly impending invasion to Syria, we describe the phenomenology and systematism behind the alliance and pack of rogue Muslim Countries (which Syria is about to join) spanning the former silk-road, forming a renewed geo-strategic axis threatening Europe’s very survival.


The recent massacre of Huola has been condemned by the international community (which rushed to attribute it to the Syrian Army) in a manner reminiscent of the echo generated in the wake of the massacre of Guernica during the Spanish civil war which trumped up the active warfare between the powers at the dawn of WWII.

The Huola massacre can be easily explained by the urgent need of the Syrian armor fists to destroy positions of Anti-Tank weapons e.g. IED and RPG (sent to the FSA under a secret directive from Obama) , which in the urban case are located inside the homes, alongside the Children.

Even The BBC reports similarly:
According to Syria’s foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi, “hundreds of gunmen” armed with machine guns, mortars in a sustained bombardment that lasted at least two hours,and anti-tank missiles attacked soldiers, killing three. Activists and eyewitnesses say the Syrian army shelled the town, reportedly at first with tank fire then with mortars“.

The reports accounting for twice the number of wounded Sunni civilians than of killed ones suggests a shelling rather not a sheer face-to-face battle with local Shiite neighbors, who would have been armed with Knives and pistols, like some suggest while attempting to ignore the tanks involved , likewise the artillery & machine guns involved – presumably by both sides.

Huola is in the vicinity of Tartus, where Russia and N.Korea(i.e. China) off-load weapon deliveries to Assad’s regime. It is now reported the Russian cargo ship which was off-loading its cargo during the massacre has now returned to sea, retaining some of its cargo. We suppose it is an attempt to protect the cargo from opposition militia raids of the kind faced by the Syrian army in Huola.

In comparison with WWII, then Islamism has been taking the role of the largest USA-bankrolled populist front, much like the Wall-Street bankrolled USSR ever was – the best controlled opposition money can buy. Thus was Iran ‘revolutionized’ in 1979, Afghanistan over the 30 years since 1978, Lebanon in the 1990’s with Hezbollah, Gaza since the Israeli withdrawal of 2005, Turkey with Erdogan’s party unwinding Ataturk’s achievements and now it is Syria’s turn to become a backward theocratic regime hostile to Europe and the SCO.

It is therefore necessary to describe the phenomenology and systematism behind the alliance and pack of rogue Muslim countries spanning the former silk-road, forming a renewed geo-strategic axis threatening Europe’s very survival:

The T.I.P. (c) alliance, comprising of Turkey, Iran & Pakistan, has been manufactured by the USA, over a couple of generations till date, and is clearly manifested in the writing and interviews of Zbigniew Brzezinski, relating to the USG policy towards central Asia. It is intended to deny Russia from any middle-eastern assets, while subjecting Russia to a brutal Muslim front, headed by its T.I.P.

The “Springed” Arab countries are being radicalized, all the way between Yemen on the Pacific Ocean coast and between Morocco on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. On the one hand, the machination of this change is springing-back those countries and populations from a mainly secular pro-European orientation, doesn’t matter in that regard whether Francophile or a Russian satellite. On the other hand, the end effect is the establishment of “central-banks” which are owned by the Globalist banksters, the same ones who have been imposing the financial and cultural Yoke on Europe over the past century, by every means known to man kind.

T.I.P. is protected from Russia by means of the massive military US deployments to 3 regions, which used to be Russian strong-holds, effectively triangulating the T.I.P.:
1. Afghanistan
2. Georgia/Armenia.
3. Syria – where western coalition forces are deployed along its borders with Jordan, Iraq and Turkey and presumably also operating withing its territory.

This subject has tipped the news with a couple of recent developments:
1. China & Saudi-Arabia having replaced the USA in financing Pakistan.
2. The recent hostilities of crashing the Sukhoi Super-Jet and shortly thereafter of the stealth/plasma ICBM launch.

It also needs be noted that the UK keeps on trying to introduce the 3rd-world country of Asia-minor, namely Turkey, to the European Union, even while the very same UK makes great strides in destabilizing the Euro:
1. Financial sabotage from the city of London.
2. Political sabotage from the ‘conservatives’.
3. Media: both MSM and bloggers.
This is the same UK which over the last several years has shelled billions of pounds on ‘foreign support’ to Pakistan while letting its own impoverished counties drop.

T.I.P. outlines the northern ridge of the central middle-east, much like Israel underlines its south.
While Israel merely faces Egypt in that regard, then T.I.P faces much of the BRICS, which is a challenge at another league on both quantitative and qualitative measures. It also faces Israel and to Europe towards which it exert hostility on both religious and racist basis

T.I.P. is further augmented by means of destabilizing its surroundings:

1)Europe is being destabilized by means of the Eurabian invasion throughout the tangible aspects of life and by means of Wall-Street’s financial Yoke which in turn is funded to a large extent by the natural resources it grabs under the nose of Europe’s in the middle-east. The fact that the T.I.P. countries are stable, unlike the Arab ones, allows them to form together the ultimate platform for launching onslaught campaigns against Europe, against both the EU and Russia. This stability typifies green countries, unlike the desert in which infrastructure isn’t crucial and thus isn’t the state itself.

2)Israel is being destabilized by means of the PNA, which has just begun orchestrating joint intelligence operations with the same globalist NGO’s responsible for the globalist induced invasion of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from Sudan and Eritrea to Israel. This could not have happened without the never-ending stream of cash from globalist foundations (the ‘usual suspects’, such as the Ford Foundation and the Soros open society institute) to the openly-masonic ”Israeli” supreme court, which is the key enabler of the African invasion to Israel by means of Lawfare (the ‘civil society’ counterpart to armed forms of asymmetric warfare like guerrilla and terrorism) .

While the Ford foundation has allegedly ceased its direct funding of this kind, then the Globalist NGO “New Israel Fund” is still bank-rolled from abroad, pursuing the mission it shares with many other similarly funded NGO’s, which is to destabilize Israel from within until its demise.
In that regard, see a couple of our earlier reports:
1)’From Serbia to Israel- behind the scenes of globalist color revolutions
2)’Globalist destabilization machine fixates on Israel‘ 

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