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Syria Hits Internet Kill Switch: US Congress Jealous?

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November 29, 2012 in World News


Just as the Israelis announced a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict, the new Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi grabbed his power in Egypt, who the rebelling people in Egypt have nicknamed “Pharaoh”. [1] Now the rebels in Syria appear to be making a surge which is synonymous with the Libyan conflict minus the “No fly zone”.

The Syrian government shut down Damascus Airport and the countries access to the internet Thursday in response to an advance on the capital by the Syrian rebels.[2] Obama authorized covert support to the Syrian rebels just months ago just like the “war” in Libya, when had Obama signed an almost identical directive that authorized covert assistance for rebels in the battle against Gadhafi.[3] It came out in other reports that the Syrian rebels that the U.S. is supporting are responsible for using children younger than 14 in battle.[4]

The Syrian government is beginning to sound a lot like congress, having their own internet kill switch

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