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Stop the war coalition. Please take a moment to see.

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January 15, 2013 in World News


I`m again speechless today. The anger coursing through my veins makes me feel capable of deeds I both understand, and am abhorred by. I can`t say any more than that. Here are some links from an organisation very dear to my heart. I`ll allow them to speak for themselves, and trust you to find your own feelings.

(home page)



An awful lot of truth exists throughout the history of the Stop the war coalition`s website, and also their events. I urge you to bookmark it as a valuable resource for no holds barred information.

Bless you all.

Here`s something of an after thought that occurs to me.

Remember Bin Laden. Buried at sea, as there is a strict time-frame for burial within the Muslim faith apparently. Now where was the same respect for Adnan Latif… As the short film states, his family attempted to secure an autopsy, but by the time his body was returned to Yemen he was too badly decomposed.

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