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Planet X Elite Exodus ?!?

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November 15, 2012 in World News


VR To – CIA Head And Others To The D.U.M.B. ?!?

Why so many simultaneous resignations? Is there something big about to go down or rather “come down”?

Now that Planet X can be seen as a Second Sun in the sky with the naked eye, the abrupt exodus of the so-called elite is making news. Is the cover-up cracking now that major earth changes and second sun sightings are undeniably upon us all?

As earth changes continue to assault countries of the world, creating drought and deluge, intense storms, booming, shifting, and cracking land, the cover-up attempts continue. But the news of Planet X in the universe can no longer be suppressed, even though there is no main stream media coverage of the second sun sightings around the world.


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  1. good post …like the background check out Marshall Masters

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