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Not An Accident? The Esoteric Truth Behind The Occult Ritual Of The Super Bowl Power Outage

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February 4, 2013 in World News


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“All the world’s a stage”

The WTF News team saw the power outage at Superbowl XLVII like billions of other people, but unlike many, we immediately saw the occult symbolism within the event. It takes a sharp eye to see that in real time.

We weren’t the only ones to notice the parallels.
The power outage was not an unexpected accident. At a minimum, the problem was known, according to CBS announcer Boomer Esiason. He noted that prior Beyonce rehearsals caused power outages twice leading up to the big game. This is not to say that the halftime show was what caused it. What is known by many respected opinions, the power handling “problem” originated inside the stadium.
Raise your hand if you think the NFL would just let the problem go unfixed or didn’t have the resources to fix it in time for the big game. Today, the NFL definitively stated the outage was not the fault of Beyonce’s show as “the halftime show was running on its own generator” according to Commissioner Roger Goodell.
Surely some reason will be passed on to the public in the coming days to discredit this but below are some of the blatant occult signs in the power outage which ironically left lights still functioning over the Baltimore Ravens sideline.

Via Knowbody Special

You All Have No Power… Humanity… POWERLESS…

In The Face Of God.

All Seeing Eye Symbols All Over The Stadium, CBS Logos.

Logos = The Word.

Beyonce’s Halftime Show…. Emerges From The Flames.

The Two-Headed Phoenix. Janus. Good And Evil In One God.

She Sings Of The Rings. The Lord Of The Rings = Saturn/Satan.

Half The Stadium Goes Dark, Half Stays Light.

Forming A Yin Yang. The Dollar Bill. The All Seeing Eye And Phoenix.

Duality. Beyond Good And Evil. The Tree Of Knowledge.

This Also Represents The Masonic Black And White Chessboard.

At The Center Of The Stadium Ceiling Is A Huge CHRIST-ler Symbol.

Completing The Darkness/Light, Sun/Moon Masonic Columns With The Chrysler Symbol At The Center = God.

Beyond Good And Evil. As Above So Below.

Even The Teams Are A Perfect Duality.

Ravens = Black/Night/Moon.

49ers = Light/Sun/GOLD

The Dark Age Ends. The Golden Age Begins.

The Stadium Goes Dark. Then Is Illuminated With Light Again.

Knowledge Of The Creator And Source.

Revelations And Genesis.

There Were Literally Dozens Of Occult Symbols Occurring At Once.

As The Idiot Announcers Babbled (Babylon) Like Nervous Children… When Clearly Something BEYOND Their Power And Comprehension Was Happeneing.

This Is A Ritual Symbolizing The Judgement Of Mankind By God And The Current State Of The World.

Everyone Continues To Ignore The Clear And Obvious SIGNS, Both Good And Evil, Dark And Light… Of God’s Return And Presence.

And Continue To Focus On The Material World Which Is Burning And Crumbling BEFORE THEIR EYES And They Are POWERLESS To Do Anything Against It.

Extinction Is Coming.

An “Outside” Force Caused The Loss Of Power (All Humanity).

The Source Of The Power Outage (Surge) Is A MYSTERY.


And Humanity Continues (Much Like The Game) Ignoring The Signs And Being Concerned With Things That Do NOT Matter.

Connect The Dots.

Think About It.

Food For Thought.

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