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North Korea’s Latest Bomb-Test: Courtesy of Brzezenski and the CIA

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February 12, 2013 in World News


We can thank Zbignew Brzezinski and Jimmy Carter for the North Korean nuclear program. Were it not for the decision to abandon "Nuclear Non-Proliferation" policy in exchange for Pakistan's cooperation in creating the Islamic Terrorist Army known as the Mujaheddin, there would likely be no successful nuclear tests being carried out in North Korea. Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Q. Kahn was allowed to carry out his work developing the Pakistani Bomb and proliferate the results to other nations (including North Korea), provided the USA could cynically create and support the Mujaheddin-terrorists in Afghanistan via Pakistan. As we previously wrote here, Zbignew Brzezenski (is a) CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) man and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission (both Rockefeller creations). His influence continues to this day; here is then-candidate Obama giving praise to Mr Brzezinski:

Ol' ZB ranks a close second to Kissinger in the "war crimes" department, with his cynical creation of the Taliban, which he now admits was aided and funded in Afghanistan prior to any Russian incursion into that nation:
"According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujaheddin began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise: Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid …"

In other words, the Carter and Reagan administrations lied to the American people and "falsified the official version of history" to create the illusion that the USSR had started the war with an invasion when, in fact, it was the USA that had aided and abeted Islamic Terrorists who preemtively attacked the Russians – baiting them into a counter-attack. All that business about "boycotting the olympics" and such was just a stage-show for the clueless peons watching their Tee Vee sets. After their victory, these Mujaheddin-Terrorists would brutally oppress the citizens of Afghanistan, most especially women, for over 20 years and receive continuous US aid while they did it. The aid did not end until June of 2001, and only then after they 'got religious' and cut off the CIA's primary opium supply and were unable to work out a deal with Unocal for a pipeline. The ruling Taliban was warned that they could "accept a carpet of gold" or be "showered with a carpet of bombs" for failing to serve big-oil's interests. After the US Invasion, under the false-pretense of 911 connections … "Nicknamed 'the kebab seller' in Kabul, Hamid Karzai, a former CIA asset and Unocal representative, who had entertained visiting Taliban members at barbecues in Houston while Bush was governor, was quickly installed by the US as Afghanistan’s new De facto president."(see here)

The ultimate results of the US-policy were devastating to the Afghan people, as evidenced by the image from this page
Paghman Gardens - Then & Now
Those women would likely be stoned to death for showing that much skin under the US-backed Taliban regime. Here is war-criminal Brzezinski out “on tour” for his transnational-corporate backers, giving a “pep-talk” to the Taliban Mujahadeen who brought the transformation, seen in those images, to Afghanistan.

Islamic terrorists have, for a very long time, been puppet-tools of the Western Imperial Powers. After the first World War, the British put the Wahhabi Saudis on a literal "throne" sitting on Billions of dollars of oil. Not a single cry of horror is emitted from the mainstream-media as this regime cuts of heads and hands in the public square every Friday from that day to this one. After the second World war, the British and the US-CIA absorbed the Nazi Intelligence services, including the Muslim Brotherhood, who served as a useful proxy-army of death-squads to attack Arab patriots – the "secular nationalists" – who sought to retain control of their land and resources to benefit their own people. Islamic-terrorists served Elite-interests in Libya and now in Syria, as admitted in the piece "Two Cheers for Syrian Islamists" in the CFR's own magazine, Foreign Affairs.

In April of 1979, faced with undeniable evidence of nuclear-weapons development, the Carter administration put sanctions on Pakistan. A few months later, Jimmy Carter signed the directive referenced above, to aid the Mujaheddin-Terrorists. After the Soviets responded to the US-backed terrorist-army with an invasion in December of that year, Brzezinski wrote a key memo to President Carter (Dec. 26, 1979) which stated,
"This will require a review of our policy toward Pakistan, more guarantees to it, more arms aid, and, alas, a decision that our security policy toward Pakistan cannot be dictated by our nonproliferation policy."
With that move, the US cleared the way for A.Q. Kahn, and his allies around the world including North Korea, to develop nuclear weapons. This policy continued under Ronald Reagan. During a campaign stop in Florida in January 1980, Ronald Reagan was asked about Pakistan's atomic ambitions. "I just don't think it's any of our business," he replied. [1] The North Koreans later thanked Pakistan by providing missile-technology, using Benazir Bhutto as a courier [2].

The so-called 'blowback' which occurs when insane so-called allies 'go berserk' is not a net-negative to the Elites, as popularly portrayed in the official historical narrative. The more threats that exist, and the more deadly are these threats, the more power the citizenry will willingly give to the very government-despots who help transnational-corporations extract our wage-slave labor and steal our planetary resources – essentially renting access to our stolen planet back to us – giving us permission to live only as long as we willingly serve them. Therefore, the creation of terrorists – even independent idiot-bombers who are not in their direct chain of command – strengthens their hand in the long-run. In this light, we see that North Korea's provocations are a gift on a silver platter to Elites seeking an excuse to exercise more power. Public-Fear of North Korean nukes gives them that power. Don't believe the crocodile tears of State Department hypocrites for a second. And don't believe me, either; just take an honest look at their duplicitous track-record and tally up the score for yourself.

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