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September 13, 2017 in World News


TUBI Style Exhaust Best For Optimum Engine Performance

The exhaust system is an important part of your car and our environment! It lowers the sound of your engine, so you do not disturb your neighbors, and it sends important information to the car’s computer how much air and fuel to be blended into the engine. Audi R8 exhaust system is designed to give vehicle drivers the optimum performance, and you will experience both driving comfort as well as the benefits of lowest fuel consumption.

The exhaust system purifies the exhaust gas and reduces engine noise. Audi R8 exhaust system is customized to suit both the car and the engine. When setting up the exhaust pipe and muffler, it is important for the best performance that installation becomes completely free from leaks. Then it will give you a good amount of fuel consumption with the lowest emissions.

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More horsepower with better combustion

Horsepower gain is the heart of the auto industry. Short of getting a vehicle on the lam, performance boosting car parts seek to up the vehicle’s street performance by optimizing the burn material necessary for combustion. Better combustion makes for more horsepower. And more horsepower, the better. Considering that it takes about 17 horsepower to pull an average V8 engine vehicle onto the road at 55 miles per hour, you will have an idea what an extra 30 or so horsepower can do with any ordinary car.

The intake system’s tube design, along with its radius adaptor, is a big reason why the souped up SUVs were able to get so much power. The stock mass air sensor was also repositioned to help with improving the horsepower yield. In principle, an air intake system uses a round tapered top, usually made of chrome to stand engine heat, which can fit into the engine compartment through the factory mounting points. It is responsible for drawing air into the combustion chambers, and optimizing the air component of the burn material before it gets mixed with fuel.

Consequences if you have a broken exhaust
• Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor can break
• Your car uses more fuel than normal

Error factors
• It sounds higher than normal when you accelerate your car
• The car has an increased fuel consumption

An exhaust system is extremely sensitive and must be designed to withstand vibration, corrosion and temperature extremes. A nonfunctional exhaust system can produce heavily backwash that provide lower power, higher fuel consumption, and severe environmental impact.

How To Check Oil Leakage In Exhaust System?

An oil leak in the exhaust pipe is a common problem in certain older cars. But, most people don’t know that the trail is not always related to the oil. Here are some tips to find the reason behind an oil leak in the exhaust pipe of Audi car and find the most suitable solution to solve.

The oil leak in the exhaust pipe of a car often confuses many people and, so, it is important to understand two specific steps: how does the engine oil reach in the exhaust pipe and how to check if the liquid is poured from the engine or any other location. For this answer, you must carefully observe the structure of exhaust pipe and the car engine and take the following steps:

Check the end of exhaust tube:
First thing you should do to determine the reason for a leak is thoroughly check the condition of the exhaust pipe. You should wear gloves and run your finger inside the exhaust pipe to check the accumulated soot. If there is a large accumulation of soot, oil drip like a dark liquid, it may be just a mixture of condensation with soot that is stored there, and it causes oil leakage.

• Analyze the color of smoke coming from exhaust pipe:
Put the car to work and observe the color of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. Black color smoke indicates that the catalytic combustion does not fully burn the oil in the engine and sends it tailpipe. On the other hand, if the smoke is blue or gray, this means that the oil is a leak in the combustion chamber. Also note that if the leak is too large, the oil can drip directly from tailpipe.

• Check the oil rings on the piston in case of white smoke
When the white smoke comes out from exhaust pipe, it is necessary to check certain parts of the engine to find out where the fault. Check the combustion chamber which is located on the engine and look if there is any oil leakage. If it exists, this is a sign that the piston oil rings are damaged and this gives rise to the oil leak in the exhaust pipe. You must take your Audi car to a professional mechanic or choose service center of certified auto dealer to replace the piston oil rings immediately and fix the particular problem of your Audi R8 exhaust system.

Audi R8 Exhaust System for Sale

Champion MotorSport has a broad range of exhaust system and parts of the highest quality. Here you’ll find both standard or stainless steel Audi R8 Exhaust System. They also sell catalytic converter and oxygen sensor for your Audi. They partner with leading manufacturers of exhaust components. Their goal is to offer you one of the best prices without reducing quality.

If you are interested in buying Audi R8 Exhaust System, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.
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