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Big Sis Says Cyber Attack Imminent?!?

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January 24, 2013 in World News


Janet Napolitano now says that we should get ready for a 9/11 type cyber attack UNLESS we enact immediate legislation?!?

Napolitano warned on Thursday that a major cyber attack is a looming threat and could have the same sort of impact as last year’s Superstorm Sandy, which knocked out electricity in a large swathe of the Northeast.

Napolitano said a “cyber 9/11″ could happen “imminently” and that critical infrastructure – including water, electricity and gas – was very vulnerable to such a strike.

“We shouldn’t wait until there is a 9/11 in the cyber world. There are things we can and should be doing right now that, if not prevent, would mitigate the extent of damage,” said Napolitano, speaking at the Wilson Center think tank in Washington and referring to the September 11, 2001, attacks.

This is the source story off YAHOO NEWS

I smell false flag! This is what I had to say on air about it!

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  1. We have been hearing and reading this for several months whenever the Dung-beetle opens its mouth. If something like this happens, the feds and their special friend Israel will be behind it.

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