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2 Mass Shootings from colorado and connecticut Connected To the Libor Scandal? No Viable Connection found

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December 18, 2012 in World News


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2 responses to 2 Mass Shootings from colorado and connecticut Connected To the Libor Scandal? No Viable Connection found

  1. I get that it’s ‘disinformation’ at the moment that Peter Lanza was set to testify in the Libor scandal. I don’t see how it’s impossible though that he and Robert Holmes weren’t scheduled to be two of those testifying. Alex Jones plays things up big time to his pro-gun audience. I always hear about how they’re going to take our guns away from us every time there’s a gun-related incident anywhere. For me, it’s the threat of Americans losing guns which is the big distraction from the other so less obvious things likely going on. There is no proof of Lanza or Holmes are in positions to testify but there is no proof that they aren’t. They both hold positions of big time authority and if both of their children have been set up then this would be the ultimate scare tactic of the banksters. As far as guns are concerned, I am 100 percent against gun control. I believe all mentally fit Americans should maintain their constitutional right to bear arms. I just scoff at when I hear that people must bear arms because the tyrannical government needs to be kept in check. No offence to gun enthusiasts who believe this but it’s a bit mentally unfit to think you’ll be able to protect yourself against the government with a gun. If the American government wanted they could wipe any one of us out at any time with tanks or drones or with the $330 billion they pump into the military every year. The CIA keeps tabs on threats to the State and can easily wipe out or imprison individuals or small groups of Americans banding together without them even knowing they’re being watched. Owning a gun will not protect you from the Zionist-controlled American media which can vilify any innocent individual with a gun or a different way of thinking as ordered by the American government. They can turn the public in favour of or against anything. If Alex Jones had it all figured out, they’d have eliminated him years ago. So my point here is that Americans should be able to maintain the constitutional right to bear arms but Americans have to wake up and understand that the gun debate is the distraction. Although so many of you pro-gun people think this, the American government WON’T be coming after us all individually with guns if it ever gets to that point. They’d be coming after, and successfully eliminating anyone who won’t abide by the law with much more significant weapons whether it be much more deadly guns or drones, tanks, bombs, defamation, misinformation etc etc. The American government puts $330 billion of American taxpayer money into its military each year. Owning a semi-automatic gun will not protect you much more than a knife or a sword will if America turns into some crazy police state. Perhaps those of us who are distracted by the gun debate will get this when Obama or whoever begins ordering manless planes to start dropping bombs on our houses.

  2. Today I was speaking to a fellow employee today who has recently found out she was pregnant. She was telling me how depressed she is and how she can’t get excited about the baby or anything else because of all the bad things that were happening and the bad feeling she is having. My boyfriend and I were talking about this feeling of dread also just before we watched this video. We’ve know this was coming and that when it goes it will go fast, it just suck the closer we get and fills us with anxiety. The only thing we can do is trust that God will lead us to where we are suppose to be and guide us to his purpose.

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