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Zecharia Sitchin was a fraud and a monster

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January 4, 2013 in Weird News


This is a message to all the fans of the Ancient Astronaut Theory about some very disturbing facts about Zecharia Sitchin, who is best known for his books about how an ET race called the Annunaki came from their planet Nibiru to Earth and created humans as a slave species to mine gold for them.
I regret to inform you all that Sitchin was a fraud. And to make things even more creepy, he was both a member of the Illuminati and a shapeshifting reptoid! In David Icke’s 1999 documentary “Revelations of a Mother Goddess,” Ms. Arizona Wilder explained to Icke that Sitchin was a reptoid and he had the job of disinforming humanity. After Wilder told him this, Icke said that would explain why Sitchin warned him not to push the reptilian idea in his work. When Icke met Sitchin face to face way back in the day, Icke asked him why he never said anything about ancient Sumer’s numerous reptilian motifs in his books (such as the fact that the Annunaki were sometimes shown to be human while at other times were depicted as having reptilian or fish-like skin), and after Icke asked him this Sitchin warned him, “Don’t touch the reptoids Icke!” It wasn’t until Arizona Wilder exposed these facts that Icke found out why Sitchin said this. And by the way, the Annunaki were actually the reptoids, as Icke explains in his 1999 book “The Biggest Secret.”
Further, Leo Zagami, an ex-Freemason, explained in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwFY5Y6NEiw that the Vatican played a big role in telling Sitchin what kind of disinformation to write. This only shows all the more that Sitchin truly is an Illuminati member since the Vatican is one of the most powerful division of the global New World Order spider web.

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9 responses to Zecharia Sitchin was a fraud and a monster

  1. jordan maxwell, david icke, zacharia sitchin, et al are merely parroting (channeling) helena petrova blavatski’s flavour of satanic, new-age, new world order propaganda/dis-info.
    of course, they’ll tell us at least SOME truth, it can’t ALL be aliens and reptiles or else we’d lose interest in their ridiculous fantasies.

  2. Heard about “Arizona Wilder” couple days ago from Preston James in his long essay called “The Third Force,” found the YouTube video mentioned therein, then found couldn’t buy her personality/presentation after reading the essay at the following link: http://www.gnosticliberationfront.com/david_icke_arizona_wilder.htm

  3. hmmm… Sitchen never really made commentary on what he was discovering, like the gods of the Bible were physical beings and ‘manipulated’ early humanoid to make (us) slaves. In a sense when you take into account what he reveals in his series of books, it totally undermines the Bible and history…of course he was probably wrong some about things…but, I believe he revealed a great deal of truth too. I feel it exposes greatly our continuing ‘slave’ mentality to authority, the greed and obsession with gold for eons, and the viral behavior of ‘civilization and society’.

  4. How can anyone be 100% “right” about any of this, since it is so deeply in the shadows? A little bit of Sitchin, and little bit of Icke, a little bit of the Book of Enoch, we are all in the dark, and that’s the way the “Reptoids” “Annunaki” “Fallen Angels” like it. None of us will get the Big Picture, until we exit our “Bio-suits”, and when we do, be very careful about who you follow, “into the Light”.

  5. Hey man,

    I just want to say I’m not so certain the entire works of Zacharia Sitchin or the works of David Icke are completely accurate. There seems to be a never ending amount of bickering about who’s right regarding the aliens and what the hell the aliens are. Some people think all aliens are just demons, and that there’s no such thing as extraterrestrials. We are always trying to categorize everything non-human into one label to make things easy. But this stuff is all entirely speculation based on ancient accounts.

    Sitchin’s interpretations may not be accurate… and Icke’s perspective may have simply conflicted with Sitchin and thus had a disagreement which is interpreted by onlookers as them representing opposing ideas. Do not fall to this polarizing illusion. The chances are, Sitchin and Icke don’t agree on their interpretations and just like Icke gets pissed at anyone who doubts his ideas, especially now in his old age, chances are the entire story of them opposing each other is exaggerated and sensationalized. I wouldn’t put all your eggs in that one basket. Chances are neither Icke nor Sitchin are entirely right, but they’re simply standing by their conclusions.

    Unfortunately here we are in 2013 trying to figure out all the mess and crazy shit that our ancestors have done and been involved with. So don’t try to oversimplify things, or you’ll find yourself missing the big picture.

  6. You had better shut up about the Catholics. Two clicks from Sister Loretta and you’ll be clapping erasers after school for the rest of the month. Sheesh!

    • I suggest you listen to the work of Jordan Maxwell. He can tell you all about how the Vatican is really a satanic Illuminati cult that masquerades as a Catholic organization.
      And since I mentioned him, Jordan Maxwell spent some time with Sitchin and befriended him. I have a feeling that the Illuminati asked Sitchin to brainwash Maxwell since they view Maxwell as a huge threat to their agenda. Further, Jim Marrs, George Noory, and other conspiracy theorists who expose UFO/alien conspiracies have hinted that they support Sitchin. And that, my friend, is all the more reason why we should expose the fact that Sitchin was a fraud so more conspiracy theorists don’t fall for his lies.

      • The Vatican no longer rails against the practice of usary. I love the works of the religious. Was raised Catholic. Former Grand Knight. But now I’m an Atheist. If we focus on this world a little more the Bankster Criminals would have a harder go at enslaving us.

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