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Why do atheists reject?

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December 1, 2012 in Weird News


An atheist would usually reply something like “because God has not reached out to mankind”. Or is it fact that one might think God never reached out to them? When quite possibly wasn’t in the way one expected… Majority of humanity has been under a dilemma of self centered arrogant style mentalities proven since people once deeply believed the heavens revolved around them. Atheist despise God’s Holy Scripture on the pretense of never applying faith always questioning all its authenticity never realizing their heart must be in the right place to ever glimpse God or realize all that is perfection exists and has been with mankind since the beginning. The very gift of free will gives unique blessings utmost based on grace yet still it also brings choices that determines life or death, the world you see today. God has intervened many times in order to preserve this earth so that we all now exist. The universe is massive and human beings are a reoccurring theme. Countless civilizations over immense amount of time have risen then planets perished therefor humanity only a young aspect of eternal existence. God loves humanity as we all should strive to become better individuals most importantly being real. Love respects life because it’s due to God’s love we live.

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  1. The arrogance is in believing that the Creator God(s) would only answer some of his children depending upon what name is used. What about before that name existed? There have been many savior gods before. It is a reoccurring archetype in history. In time another name with appear and the name Jesus will fade into history; just as so many savior gods before him. Besides if you actually did what Jesus is says, than you would be following (acting like) him, not worshiping him. I find Jesus to be an excellent role model. I wish those who claim to follow him actually did so instead of saying one thing and doing another. I find modern Christianity to bare more a resemblance to wolves and sheep than to angels and men. Matthew 7:1-5 “Judge not, … And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?… Thou hypocrite, …”

  2. This was difficult to masturbate to.

  3. The reason may have something to do with how unbelievable any of it is, before including whatever BS you’re spouting.

    Worship the one true son of God, Hercules!! He was a mortal son of God you suffered and died for us centuries before that xtian guy.

    I’m not an atheist btw.

    • Hercules?! Are you being serious?

      • No, give me that old time religion, Mithras!

      • Why is Hercules any less believable than Jesus?

          • There are more historians that claim to have met Hercules than Jesus. Jesus has 4 “historians” and Herc has every other “historian” of his time period.

            History is written by the victorious and Greek mythology is no longer victorious over xtianity.

            Any physical evidence you claim is BS, why don’t you try and convince me Paul Bunyan’s footprint is one of the great lakes.

            No history or evidence that’s any stronger than Greek mythology.

            I contend we are both atheists but I just believe in 1 fewer gods than you. When you understand why you reject all others you’ll understand why I reject yours.


          • Evidence please!

    • I understand clearly why I reject all other gods because there is only one true God. I’m not trying to argue and I can’t convince anybody of truths they refuse to accept.

      • Which one? There are many “one true God”s.

        When you understand why you reject all other gods you’ll understand why I reject yours. I’m not sure you understand why you reject yet.

        You reject Zues and Allah because they are unbelievable . You just so happen to believe in whichever one true god you worship due to circumstance. You’re biased toward that one, once you understand that…

        You’ll understand that we’re both atheists.

        • Not exactly, I understand very well the one true God because of what I’ve experienced in life. What other “one true God” exists other than that of the Abraham faith?

      • Your truth is myth. There is a reason the Essenes have no mention of Christians or Jesus in the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were buried prior to the fall of Jerusulem. Christianity evolved as a mixture of Jewish messianic tradition and the Egyptian Coptic faith. It didn’t start until the second century. That is why there is not a single reference to Jesus concurent to when he is alleged to have existed. There are none! I repeat! None!

        • Actually there is a famous historian who did but that does not matter. The effects of Christ’s existence can be clearly felt today. Anybody who has opened up their heart with love towards truth understands this. Have you ever seek for or felt the amazing peace God gracefully provides?

          • Name your reference, the date. Please do not list Bishop Eusebius’s insertion/forgery of Josephus, who wasn’t born until 37AD. Nor Pliny 61 AD. Believing in the Easter Bunny does not mean there is a real easter bunny. Nor was there a real Jesus. Believe what you will.

          • I do not recall exactly who it was because I need not that to be conceived. I suppose the truth is self evident to those whom it’s been revealed. I’d advise for you to at least once in your life try to sincerely with all your might ask the Lord to come in your life then have patience.

          • Wow, no room for doubt with an argument that concise is there. As long as you realize Christianity is make-believe. Carry on with the make-believe if it makes you feel good. Good day to you!

          • It is actually you who is into make believe because you deny what’s real. If you haven’t yet already please view my discovery on the planets. If you are not convinced after being presented with scientific evidence then there’s little else I could do to help you gain life

    • Hercules was so cool the Air Force nicknamed the C-130 Aircraft after him~

  4. Wow, you can’t make this drivel up; yet, you just did. Again, wow.

  5. Wow, you can’t make this drivel up; yet, you just did. Again, wow.

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