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What’s the hold up?

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March 4, 2013 in Weird News



It’s been over a week and a half since the Mars rover Curiosity drilled into its first rock then begun to analyze the data. Still no report of any results. Today they claim there is a glitch in the system so the robots been placed into safe mode. I’m no expert in this certain field but with NASA having access to super-computers and all that, shouldn’t they already have the results from the drilled rock sample? I’m starting to wonder if they are buying time to form an elaborate lie. I already know there is and was life on Mars but is NASA going to be real this time or say the results are inconclusive as usual when dealing with extraterrestrial life?


Anyways you could trust robots to ‘forever’ supply all the answers or seek results only the ingenuity of man can provide. Click here to learn far more than NASA would ever tell you…

UPDATE: Curiosity rover hasn’t discovered anything of value thus far. Even those pebbles obviously rounded by water were nothing new. They already knew about those before 2001 as in this book “The Cambridge Photographic guide to the planets”

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