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We should look up Iceland as a model…. OR SHOULD WE?

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February 22, 2013 in Weird News


Iceland is seeking to become the first western democracy to introduce internet censorship (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc7yp1quBYw). This is kinda ironic considering that they are the only country on planet earth to solve the problem of the global authoritarian banking cartel.
We used to say, “Iceland is a model that everyone can look up to.” Well, apparently looking up to Iceland as a model has just gotten a lot less likely to happen.

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5 responses to We should look up Iceland as a model…. OR SHOULD WE?

  1. @capob “to say it is currently a model is for them to betray their ignorance.” Ofcourse if you were to kick out the federal reserve tomorrow the economy in America would sinc terribly, but never the less wouldn’t it be the price to pay to eventually get better? Cause if we keep the banks, there is no getting better ever. Getting rid of the bankers is like cutting off an infected leg, no one wants to but when it is bad enough what choice do you have?

    @ironeagle How can you be so sure just yet? They did say they were only considering censering violent porn and that they probably won’t go through with it. I will admit that, that would be terrible because of how it would set the precedent for other countries.

    Does anyone have more information on Iceland?

    How did they kick out the banks?

    I saw a video that said they went out and banged on pots and pans and eventually they were kicked out,

    I couldn’t help but feel like they were missing a part of the story.

    I had made a friend from Iceland on the plant infowars site but before I could ask him these questions his account disapeared along with the Iceland group where I met him. Kind of weird.

    • Point was, the fantasy about iceland is that they got rid of all their debt, removed all bad politicians, created a new great government, and live in paradise – none of which is true. And, as mentioned by many others, removing federal reserve is horrible idea. It would leave the US with absolutely not economic advantage and no industry to fall back on. Better would be to repurpose fed to finance infrastructure and repatriating manufacturing, but these are pipe dreams ignoring the fact no one in the ‘liberty movement’ has any control over government.

  2. Listening to interviews with those directly involved, iceland was never, at any moment, a happy ending case. But, what you get from patriot media is the initial ‘revolution’, followed by a news blackout and many patriot media outlets calling iceland a success. What you miss is the huge amount of people moving out of iceland and the unemployment rate increase. Perhaps Iceland will fair well, but for anyone to say it is currently a model is for them to betray their ignorance.

  3. Just more fear mongering idiots. They ban their people from seeing anything that doesn’t agree with their government. ALL governments care only for themselves. They “beat the banks” only because it benefited their government to do so and after that it’s right back to tyranny. Pukes.

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