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UFO Seen During Russian Meteor Strike?

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February 21, 2013 in Weird News


“A UFO was photographed hovering in the background, as a meteor crashed down in Siberia last Friday. What was it?

Look, it’s obvious that the Russian government is withholding everything it knows about the meteorite which struck a town in the Ural Mountains region last Friday. Was it related to the DA14 asteroid? Did the Russian military shoot it down deliberately over a sparsely populated area? Perhaps it wasn’t a space rock at all, but instead was some type of American or British missile, as many conspiracy believers are claiming.

Well, a new photo has just appeared online, showing a dark UFO in close proximity to the meteorite. This picture alone isn’t going to solve this mystery, but it’s one more piece to puzzle. Could it be a spaceship piloted by extraterrestrials? Check it out here, and you be the judge. Whatever this UFO turns out to be, it’s definitely extremely eerie that it’s kind of lingering in the background, watching the horrible scene unfold below.”



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  1. hmmmmmm i have just watched the origional feeds again and guess what, no little black ufo image to be found anywhere on them, strange that, it is as if someone wanted people to think little green/grey men were watching

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