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UFO Chile: Aliens Feed On Negative Energy?

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December 10, 2012 in Weird News


“Are natural disasters actually always ‘natural’? Are they triggered by nature or is there any sinister force behind these disasters? Many researchers believe that aliens with broader inter-dimensional dynamics could be behind the natural disasters that result in loss of life and property.  Prominent Alien researcher, Dr. John Lash, suggests that Archons, which are lower dimensional artificial life forms, may be triggering and feeding off apparent natural disasters on Earth. In Chile, inhabitants have correspondingly expressed concern about the appearance of UFOs just before, and in the aftermath of natural disasters.  Unusual UFO activity also occurred before and after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.  It is almost, as if, the UFO entities know when a “natural disaster” is about to take place, and then subsequently “hang around”.”


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4 responses to UFO Chile: Aliens Feed On Negative Energy?

  1. Reference David Icke. He’s been saying this all along. Actually, author Colin Wilson’s movie Lifeforce could be used as an analogy as well. Space vampires of energy!

  2. Being the ruthless little nobodys that our goverment and other goverments are we make alot of noise for a little planet and im sure that other beings find it amuseing to watch us act the way we do on this planet

  3. Following this logic … police are always around after a crime has been committed, thus police are the root cause of crime. %)

  4. The NWO feed off of negative energy, literally –they profit by it !   :O

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