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The Mystery Of Mel’s Hole?

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March 5, 2013 in Weird News


Somewhere in the wilds of Washington State is a bizarre geographic anomaly that locals believe may well be a gateway into another dimension. While the legend of the Devil’s Hole allegedly goes back for decades… if not centuries… the public at large did not become aware of the phenomenon until 1997, when legendary radio host and paranormal enthusiast, Art Bell, invited a man named Mel Waters to be interviewed on his globally syndicated radio program Coast to Coast AM.

Mel Waters is a captivating character who claimed to be the owner of an unusual piece of property located near Manastash Ridge, Washington. The property, which is adjacent to the Yakima Firing Range near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, was, in and of itself, nothing special, but situated on an isolated portion of the acreage is a geological irregularity — a hole to be specific — that was said to bear strange and arcane attributes that could only be found at one other place on Earth.


For decades residents from the Manastash Ridge region have talked about one of the most unusual aspects of the sprawling landscape that haloed their hometown. Hidden nearby, on a densely forested parcel of private property, was a seemingly bottomless well that was surrounded by an aura of mystery and danger.

This unfathomably deep pit was said to be about 9-feet in diameter and was shored up with hand placed bricks to a depth of nearly 15-feet until it gave way to earthen walls. The hole had been known to locals for generations — and to Native Americans before them — and had been used as an unofficial dumping ground for everything from defunct refrigerators to old tires and television tubes to livestock and pet carcasses.

What disturbed those who utilized this illegal dumping ground most was the fact that no matter how heavy the object being discarded may have been, those that tossed it into the void never heard it hit bottom. This led some of the more supernaturally inclined in the region to dub the place the “Devil’s Hole,” and rumors quickly spread that this never-ending crater tunneled a direct trajectory to Hades, making it, in effect, a highway to hell.

In September of 2008, an inter-tribal medicine man by the moniker of Red Elk — who’s legal name is Gerald Osborne — appeared on a radio show and claimed to have visited the enigmatic hole with his father as a young boy in 1961. According to Red Elk, the hole was well known to the indigenous peoples, as well as local and federal authorities, and was believed to be an unbelievable 24 and 28-miles deep.

The medicine man also speculated that pit served as a tunnel which connected to Mt. Rainier and that it might be associated with both UFOs and vile, quasi-reptilian entities that allegedly dwell deep within the bowls of the Earth known as “reptoids.”



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  1. No pictures?……No one has tried to repel to the bottom?
    This would be an interesting excursion for someone with the safety know-how.

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