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The Existance of Mermaids According To Animal Planet and Discovery Channel?

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February 19, 2013 in Weird News


Animal Planet and Discovery Channel aired a show claiming real footage of merpeople.  You decide.


“The Animal Planet Monster Week series dives into more facts and legend on why Mermaids could exist. Some tie ins relate back into old US Navy research studies doing sonar tests and potential mermaid call in the sea that was discovered by NOAA called, “The Bloop.” On the show you see interviews with people that claim they’ve found mermaids on the beach and have photos to prove it. 

The Teluk Bahang, Penang Malaysia Mermaid Found On Beach

On the northewest part of Penang Island in Malaysia is a fishing village that is called Teluk Bahang. There is a popular dam in the area called Teluk Bahang Dam and close next door is a popular luxury resort called Mutiara Beach Resort. It was in the Teluk Bahang fishing village that on the coast in the beach brush a mermaid was photographed and numerous pictures were taken.

Teluk Bahang Mermaid On Back

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics of a Mermaid Next A Whale?

The Discovery Channel subsidiary Animal Planet has released some footage of potential cave drawings and paintings from Egypt that reveal mermaids swimming with whales or large ocean creatures. We can’t confirm whether these drawings are real or not but they look pretty interesting. The Egyptian cave drawings show a few mermaids sharing the waters with sea creatures in the deep. Does this show that even the ancients were sure that mermaids existed?

Egyptian Mermaid Paintings

Archaeological Buried Mermaid Found In Dig Site?

At a website called PhotosFan.com they reveal a picture that shows a mermaid buried underground. It looks like an archaeological dig site and the picture is categorized under Archaeological Finds. There isn’t much information but the pictures are sourced from Damn Funny Pictures. We are still searching for more pictures & information on this buried mermaid, if you find any details on the story, let us know!

Buried Mermaid Body Found





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  1. Ever heard of marketing? Disney, of course spread this lie and make money!

  2. ever heard of model making or cryptotaxidermy?

  3. Ever heard of photoshop?

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