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Shadow People Spiritually Attacking People

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December 4, 2012 in Weird News


At the time I saw this shadow person I had no idea such a thing existed or even what people called it. I was getting into a few occult things that I shouldn’t have been and I was always in a depressed mood in that time period. It was in the middle of the night and I was laying asleep in my bed when I heard something move as if something were putting on a piece of clothing and zipping it up. I looked up to see a man in a trench coat with a wide brimmed hat. He seemed to be watching me for some reason and I tried really hard to see his face but couldn’t. Wanting a better look at him I got up to on my knees on my bed so I could reach the light switch. I turned around and saw the great big bluish white glowing figure filled with clown faces of all types of emotions rotating. My body froze up and went into a cold sweat and my heart began to beat so fast and hard it started to feel as if all my veins and arteries were in great pain, my chest hurting the worst. I truly believed that I was going to die. I really did! My hands shook violently as I struggled and turned on the light watching as it vanished when the light came on. Someone told me that it didn’t really go away, I just wasn’t able to see it once I turned the light on. The shadow man I saw is known as “The Hat Man” and now I know I’m not crazy since now I know that hundreds of other people have seen him too. The only way to repel this demonic figure is to believe in Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and to keep an optimistic view on things. You must keep the light and love of Jesus Christ in your heart. Not only that, but make sure you prey every night and be sure to always be thankful for the things that God has blessed you with. The more thankful and happy you are the more repelled the demon will be.

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  1. eh, what she’s described I’ve heard several people describe as an experience in early life. Many of whom were neither religious or non-christian, and only a handful of whom grew into born-agains instead of atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, indifferent christian church goers, and spiritualists. Although you may question what she’s done with it, what she saw has been collaborated by others unknown to her: shadow male, baleful energy, coat, hat, staring from the foot of the bed in the middle of the night…and some of those people feel that entity has dogged them thru life into grayhood.

  2. Fuck off with the Christian bullshit already.

  3. Time to change drugs! All my life I have heard about evil spirits, big foot, and UFOs! I have talked to people that have been to the ends of the earth and people who worked at Area 51. Conclusion, question those who make these claims.

    • I’ve never been addicted to any type of drug in my life. Not illegal or prescription.

      • Religion is the opiate of the masses.

      • I didn’t mean to that insulting, however I am kicking myself for falling for the Amityville Horror. Remember famous hunting in an old house in upstate New York? Hollywood made two movies and a book. Years later I find out the whole thing was a hoax! That plus the famous big foot film clip in Northern California in 1968 turned out to be a hoax as well. Recently, Bermuda triangle mysteries have been explained. Along with the Loch Ness monster. I talked to a mountain man in Alaska who spends months alone in the wilderness. He says that he finds beer and Liquor bottles in the remotest of places, but never anything unusual. Talked to a retired aerospace worker who worked in area 51 Nevada. He says, lot of weird man-made stuff created for better flight. Think Tr3s and Tr4s.

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