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Sandy Hook Lingerie Massacre

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December 20, 2012 in Weird News



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Notice the date that the review was made.

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2 responses to Sandy Hook Lingerie Massacre

  1. No, I saw this and thought, why was this written the day of the Batman shooting? I really don’t care much about how Sandy Hook was portrayed in Dark Knight. Coincidence, maybe, whatever. The fact that this kids mom may have been CIA, his gun was in the car, multiple shooters, the teachers R.I.P. face books page that was set up 4 days prior to her death, the principle giving a statement post mortem, etc, etc. made me post this. The Robbie Parker video is the smoking gun that everyone will ignore. That fucking video has the potential to bring so much awareness. I can’t figure out why Alex took it down from Info wars.

    Really, this dude wrote this Lingerie Massacre Video review on Aurora day? The first paragraph of the review is just ridiculous. It seems like he knew, that’s all.

  2. A slasher porn flick, set in Sandy Hook? Really, the occult underbelly of Sandy Hook needs investigating. My “Spidey-Sense” is saying important, well established, colonial era Satanic coven.

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