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really? I better keep that in mind…

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June 24, 2017 in Weird News


This morning I was in the country walking along the road admiring the wild plants… there was a street sign that said:
Turn Around
Don’t Drown”

Also wanted to add that I didn’t realize racism was even a big thing in Indiana since the area I live is very diversified. It felt good getting out of the city even if it was just for a little while but didn’t like seeing all the farmland… it’s just way too excessive and wasteful…. it’s one thing to do it to grow food but we all know it’s really about the money. Anyways that’s beside the point of what I wanted to mention…. in one person’s yard or property next to a river….. it was the most racist retarded shit I’ve ever seen… the dumbass sign read;

“I love Mexican people.
But they don’t belong in the U.S.
No Mexicans allowed on my property.”

I was like damn… the fucking stupidity of that statement. The sign didn’t say ‘no trespassing’ though so I guess I’m welcome.. except it’s likely he would mistaken me for a Mexican and then I could end up getting shot. I’m that zone where people don’t know what to make of my race/nationality. Like that shit even fucking matters as if that makes anybody better than anyone else.

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