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Owl Sculpture on TBS Building in Atlanta

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January 15, 2013 in Weird News


Owl 2

Hidden in plain sight, a large owl sculpture perches on the TBS studio located at 1065 Williams Street in Atlanta, Georgia. The sculpture has been seen at various points on the building at different times. On the day these photos were taken in 2012, the golden owl with reddish eyes was facing approximately north.

Ted Turner purchased the building in 1976. Currently, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, owns the Williams Street facility. In 2003, Philip I. Kent became the CEO of TBS, and he presently holds this position. “Williams Street” is the home of the Adult Swim series.

While the owl does not represent the studio’s production logo, some speculate that the sculpture is an unofficial mascot for Adult Swim. However, the stern bird does not resemble the quirky, comical and mysterious owls seen on Adult Swim. Who commissioned the sculpture and why? What does it represent? Owls are often associated with wisdom. It may be interesting to note that owl symbols are common among secret societies like the Bohemian (Grove) Club.

Owl 1


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