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Obama Scars

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February 10, 2013 in Weird News


This is from David icke’s Official Website,
You know what? Reminds me of the movie, “ Face Off”… but, why? Can create Clones…they were not smart enough?
I don’t know what is really going on… just seems so strange when you learn his background…are these photoshopped? oh, if, it were surgery like Face-Off… Scar would have been much cleaner line? … what happened to him…? Tatbir ?(extreme muslim ritual, Tatbir is said done by some Shia Muslims on some websites, I asked my Canadian Muslim friend about Tatbir he said probably tradition he did not even know about it.) Putting Muslim face to invade them? Just like putting African American face to invade Africa? Same Strategy? Anyway, he is a puppet for illuminati, they do not really care about his life just using him.


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