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No Invite For Black Eyed Kids?

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December 10, 2012 in Weird News


“Black-eyed children have but one consistent request, invite us in. Whatever you do, don’t invite them into your home! Imagine this. You and your better half are on your way home after a late night out on the town. You pull into a convenience store, and you wait in the car while he runs in for something. You’re sitting there in the dark waiting for him to return when suddenly you get an inexplicable, overwhelming feeling of terror. You sit up a little straighter and glance toward the driver’s side window. There staring in at you are two children – but not just any children. These are “Black Eyed Children,” and they want to get into the car with you.”


BEK vs US Marine?


BEK Encounter In North Dakota?


BEK Encounter In Texas?


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2 responses to No Invite For Black Eyed Kids?

  1. Edgar Allan Poe took LSD before writing his stories.

  2. George Noory w/ Dr. Eben Alexander MD – 30 Oct 2012, 4m 33s

    “I was put up for adoption when I was a few weeks old and adopted when I was four months old and I looked for my birth mother some when I was younger and she didn’t seem to be out there in that North Carolina had very strict laws about anonymity and she didn’t seem to be looking for me and so I kind of let it go. I figured ‘ok’ that’s just the way it is, I can live with that and then my oldest son, Eben, was doing a research project in school in the year 2000 that involved the family genealogy and he re-kindled my interest in trying to find my birth mother.

    In fact I did track her down at that point at least enough to get a communication that it was not a good time to come back in her life, and that ended up really turning over my whole world view of myself. I didn’t realize how traumatic it was at the time but I’ve since learned that getting a second rejection, as an adult, for an adoptee is a pretty severe blow. It basically destroyed for the eight years before my coma any belief in a loving personal God and any belief in the power of prayer.

    Proof of Heaven, http://www.lifebeyonddeath.net

    Lets take a step back from the extreme religious stuff.

    IF these BEK stories are true and let’s assume they [BEKs] are flesh and blood. IF they are psychic and are looking to make a connection with their ‘parents.’ …. It’s traumatic enough getting a rejection from a parent… but a parent projecting “evil” “demonic” “ugly” “disgusting” “monster” at one of these BEKs … in this hypothetical scenario I can imagine it would make Dr. Alexander’s experience of rejection seem like a walk in the park.

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