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mind control

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November 16, 2017 in Weird News


To successfully control the minds of people they program to make people have similar thought patterns. This is the main reason why drugs which alter one’s perception are banned. I just came across a comment making the very obvious statement that this is really why marijuana was banned. But since they couldn’t extinct the plant from the face of the earth and it’s so widely used.. well they want to do the same thing to it that they did to tobacco. Yet because they couldn’t simply add chemicals due to the herb being recognized as having medicinal purposes… the ‘government’ made plans that are already underway to aggressively breed out the positive benefits and exacerbate the negativity. The scales of ‘potency’ are there to numb the mind instead of stimulate. I personally prefer regular marijuana but that’s becoming increasingly harder to find on purpose. Ever since they industrialized the plant it’s become less natural. What the fuck is this conspiracy really about to genetically modify life?

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