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Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory – s03e01 – The Reptilian Elite

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November 14, 2012 in Weird News



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5 responses to Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory – s03e01 – The Reptilian Elite

  1. Jesse was mistaken. This is not the kind of thing that can be put into simple terms.
    I found Jesse was a little too incredulous, here. He was letting his bully side show.
    It’s good to be a skeptic. It’s not good to believe everything can be put into simple statements.

  2. He told icke im glad I was in pro wrestling before politics like a threat! That was weird?? Princess diana said queen elizabeth was a lizard in a interview before she died. Prince charles said he was a decendent of vlad the impaler in a small video about the castle in romania too!! That shows they come from a blue bloodline of evil!!!

  3. The argument near the end seemed so played out though I can see why David acted as he did but Jesse has attended to his lectures back in 1990.

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