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Gordon James Gianninoto: Planet X and Catastrophe

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February 28, 2013 in Weird News


Gordon James Gianninoto: Planet X and Catastrophe

Attorney, contractor, and ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto provided an update on what he knows about Planet X and the coming pole shift, the nature of gravity, Earth’s ‘dark twin,’ and why he believes the government is covering up imminent global catastrophe. The recent return of Planet X to our solar system has resulted in disruptions, including universal climate change and a rise of solar activity, that are merely a prelude to the calamities which will unfold once it gets closer to Earth.

From c2cvault:

But Planet X is not merely a rogue celestial body, he declared, “this is definitely an inhabited planet. It’s volcanic, atmospheric, and oceanic and it’s inhabited by tall, selfish humans.” He contended that the denizens of Planet X are actually the Annunaki, a race of space faring aliens that once had a colony on Earth and created human beings as slaves to mine for gold.

According to Gianninoto, the Annunaki’s mistreatment of humans caused the “Council of Worlds, which are the unselfish extraterrestrials” to intervene and force them off of Earth by thwarting their projects on the planet. Unable to return to Planet X, these deposed Annunaki traveled to Mars to live and continue their gold mining, while they waited for their home world to return. Gianninoto claimed that these aliens brought their supplies and livestock with them to Mars, but eventually the marooned Annunaki died out there before they could rejoin their brethren on Planet X. Current images from the Mars NASA rovers, he said, show artifacts and debris from the Annunaki civilization that once lived there.

Gianninoto revealed that the US government found evidence of Planet X in 1983, but it was quickly declared top secret via an executive order by President Reagan. However, the “Council of Worlds” have told President Obama that he must announce the truth about Planet X to the world, since it is getting closer to Earth and will soon cause a polar shift. Gianninoto suggested that, should there be an announcement about Planet X, the government will purposely avoid using that name for it, so that people do not find out about the impending global catastrophe. Regardless of the foreknowledge available, he warned that up to 90% of the population will die from the events caused by Planet X going past Earth. Fortunately for the survivors, he said, “unselfish ETs” subsequently provide help for the like-minded humans remaining on Earth. Overcoming Chronic Pain:

In the first hour, orthopedic spinal surgeon Dr. David Hanscom discussed how the mind can be more powerful at healing chronic pain than surgery. He attributed chronic pain to pathways created in the brain due to repetitive pain impulses. As such, Hanscom explained that by calming down the nervous system, using methods like getting better sleep, reducing anxiety or stress, and taking medications, the brain can create pathways around their pain-inducing counterparts. This cerebral aspect of chronic pain, he said, is the reason why is remains so difficult for doctors to eradicate it and often leads to surgeries that ultimately do more harm than good for their patients.

News segment guests: Capt. Kelly Sweeney & Mitch Battros

Date: 02-26-13 Host: George Noory Guests: Gordon James Gianninoto, Dr. David Hanscom


Object of Interest As Seen From  the Turrialba Volcano


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5 responses to Gordon James Gianninoto: Planet X and Catastrophe

    • The sphere within a sphere is a piece of art; the planet x is a piece of nonsense. Just fodder to get you thinking about something beside the obvious.

  1. Interesting article, however I do not believe planet X exist in this form. There should be visible evidence.

    With articles of rouge planets have no star to call home sound interesting and planet X in the past could have come close to the Earth and sun in the past and gotten flung into another direction. Ancients who knew the stars described Planet X as other planets.

    I believe Planet X personally is another Pluto out in the Kepler Belt.

  2. It’s intriguing to me that so many people find validity in “planet x” [of which I doubt anyone has seen], while what I’ve uncovered about Earth’s formation seems to be largely disregarded even though the evidence is clearly visible. I guess everybody just likes a good story and could care less about the facts…

  3. Planet X is back! I will gladly stop slaving for the Rothschilds and work for my new masters!

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