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Giant Angelic UFO Returns?

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February 24, 2013 in Weird News


“At 6:08 into the video we see the angel has returned to our sun. This is the second time I posted about this angel, (for the first event click here.)This angel may be a giant ship from its balanced proportions or it may actually be a giant living angel. The only thing we can be sure of it that it’s headed directly for our sun…perhaps to harvest something or perhaps this is its home. Many have even speculated that the sun is actually a massive planet like earth with a forcefield that projects heat outward not inward leaving the surface unscathed and habitable, which may account for digital cameras seeing a solid black object when looking directly at the sun. Digital cameras don’t lie.”



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2 responses to Giant Angelic UFO Returns?

  1. some did look surprisingly artificial. although the suns gravity is bound to pull in objects and incinerate them. I am not sure we have enough evidence to jump to any conclusions just yet, but thanks for the article.

  2. I’m disappointed in you, Genesis, don’t you know these are all weather balloons ? Deep space weather balloons the size of planetary bodies, but only.. actually no… they orbit the Earth, as the Universe does and they do these interesting twirls so they appear to orbit the Sun. There is nothing to see here. The Sun is the source of all life in the solar system but it still revolves around our egos. If we don’t offend God, I’m sure it’ll provide for a long time. ;)

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