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Eric Dollard and the Ultimate Tesla Secrets Revealed!

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February 6, 2013 in Weird News


I think this is very important, perhaps the most important information ever :

Eric Dollard and the Ultimate Tesla Secrets Revealed!

Here’s a video: Tesla Round 2: The Mission of Eric Dollard, WardenClyffe 2.0

This guy is so important and the knowledge he carries so dangerous, that the NWO elite have stolen his laboratories and all his possessions from him multiple times and he’s now homeless, living out of his car and hiding out in the desert of Southern California. Whatever he knows, it must be like kryptonite to the elite.

Here’s an excerpt from the article at the first link above:

“After Eric confirmed and double checked all these findings he was left to accept a very painful political truth. All of Tesla’s work with this new type of electricity and wave form had been actively suppressed. Despite this new type of energy wave being far more cost efficient and effective it was banned from all commercial use and banished from textbooks as well. The scientific community has disavowed any knowledge of it, why?

This original form of transmission, called dielectric wave forms, if allowed to proliferate through the industry would have naturally lead to the transmission  and synthesis of energy at no cost. The very intellectual admission of the existence of this type of energy was the admission that there was energy all around us. Victorian scientists up until the twentieth  century called this energy field that permeated the entire universe, the aether. Tesla believed that his system of longitudinal electricity worked because of the aether.

The aether was a dangerous concept to the energy barons such as Rockefeller, Morgan and the central bankers that funded them such as the Rothschilds…”

There’s a funding drive in progress to help out this man. You want to burn down the NWO? This is the man that can do it!

Funding Drive for Eric Dollard at Indiegogo.

Please help if you can.  Thanks!


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7 responses to Eric Dollard and the Ultimate Tesla Secrets Revealed!

  1. I’m glad i read this

    • This was in the Funding Drive link for Eric:

      “Also, Eric loves letters. Eric is an analog guy, not digital. This means he doesn’t do computers or iphones so you will have to send him a letter.

      “YES, AN ACTUAL PAPER LETTER IN THE POSTAL MAIL. GASP! real envelope and stamps and all. Write to him here.

      Eric Dollard
      General Delivery
      Lone Pine, CA 93545″

  2. It looks like we have some saboteurs here voting down free energy articles on Planet Infowars. Four negative votes in one day? On both my articles? Looks like I struck a nerve. LoL!

  3. I have been following Dollard from some time now. You should also check out the work of Dr Knostantin Meyl.

  4. Here’s another article I wrote that is related to this:

    How To Beat The Globalists.

  5. woo! release the technology!

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