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Did Sandy Hook happen the way the media said?

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January 18, 2013 in Weird News


Did Sandy Hook happen the way the media said? Now before you scoff at this please give a look. It addresses some serious question the media isn’t talking about and has many similarities to the strange events surrounding 9/11 and other government black ops. Such as the buildings were 60% vacant and the planes had few passengers and one plane was actually a military plane, then there’s the CIA,NSA,IRS building 7. All you see in this video is a sea of black governmental cars blocking the one ambulance for 26 victims and isn’t even allowed close to the scene. So they have to transport dead and wounded people a couple blocks away with one gurney at a time?

They were also running drills of the same scenario as usual. Why do we need drills that we pay for conditioning the young vulnerable minds of our children when all it is is governmental phyc warfare of the minds….the war on the younger minds for the betterment of the criminals future in order to take full control of the future population. That’s after we older folk are incrementally murdered off with weaponized foods, water, air and vaccinations. Then if you survive that your finished off with BIG Pharma, hospitals, and insurance companies.

Anderson Coopers’ 360 degrees of phycobabble came out with a lame attempt at debunking this story. He showed no proof for his point of view nor did he address the real tough questions and issues. He only attacked using the families and dead children once again and again and again. He then interviews this woman who supposedly lost a child and has her reinforce the lie that the rifle is what killed the children on the scene and not in the trunk of the car as video shows. I never saw one tear out of any of the parents or anybody interviewed comparing it to the fake oblahblah tears of theater media.

You can go to http://crisisactors.org funded by visionbox.org (which states that crisisactors was just starting up in December) to view this disgusting piece of phyc-warfare propaganda and read a disclaimer by the site. Something else you’ll find strange, like the plane crash in Shanksville, no bodies, no mayhem, just government people milling around like the scene is being protected from being viewed or made into evidence. This is reminiscent of the pentagon video with no plane or bodies just governmental workers milling around. Cooper then moves from the obviously serious nature of the Sandy Hook story and quickly goes into a silly, make you laugh, kind of story called ridiculous. I think that’s phyc emotional warfare led by a CIA dicksmoking operative butt then you decide. By the way I saw more real looking injuries on the mock exercise pictures from the crisisactors site than I did with twenty six dead in news videos who love to show gore.



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3 responses to Did Sandy Hook happen the way the media said?

  1. I completely AGREE with you and theres tons more proof then just that BUT that alone should make people pay attention and do their own investigations any time I do I always find hidden details that wern’t meant to be found or seen Like how a lot of people from the sandy hook photos are holding there fingers to look like devil horns kids and adults.

  2. Nobody is going to scoff at this on this site John.

  3. To answer your question posed in the title, “No! It didn’t happen the way the MSM is saying!!” Here’s more proof:


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