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Chinese Women Going for Plastic Surgery to Get Ivanka’s Looks

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March 30, 2017 in Weird News


Donald Trump has been very critical of China and how their trade relations with the U.S. have affected the job market in recent years. One would think the Chinese would loathe anything that is associated with him but that is not the case. It seems there is one Trump family member that the Chinese are besotted with, Ivanka Trump.

Many Chinese women seem to be fans of her appearance. They want to have her nose, her cheekbones and virtually anything that can make them look a little more like their idol. There is a Chinese cosmetic surgery company that offers women a chance to do just that. Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management’s Human Resources manager, Li Yunxing, has told The Washington Post that Ivanka has joined the number of film stars and celebrities whose eyes, lips and noses the Chinese like to copy.

Chinese women find Ivanka’s facial features and disposition perfect and they consider her to have a flawless figure and complexion. With cosmetic surgery trends like Vaser liposuction constantly on the rise (for example, searching for Cosmos Clinic on RealSelf shows you how popular the procedure is), this shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s not only her looks that the Chinese want to copy. Between November and the end of last year, 258 trademark applications carrying Ivanka’s name were submitted by companies for a wide range of products, from alcohol to underwear.

However, Ivanka’s popularity did not begin with the elections. She started endearing herself with the Chinese when she posted videos of her daughter reciting poetry and singing in Mandarin. These went viral in China and are still some of the most downloaded videos in China.

She also stole more Chinese hearts when she visited the Chinese Embassy to celebrate the Chinese New Year in February. Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, who works as a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, also has business ties with China. One could say that the vitriol that has been in Trump’s speeches and tweets does not necessarily reflect how the rest of the Trump family feels. It is important to some degree that Ivanka, who is seen to be particularly close to her father, is pro-China.

The Ivanka that the world has been introduced to is a formidable woman who can hold her own in the business world. This is something that a lot of women admire and a trait that make men take her seriously. As beautiful as she is, endowed with all the perfect features that are making women brave a surgeon’s knife, Ivanka does not seem to have wanted to choose the easy route of relying on her looks and just contending with being a daughter and heir to the Trump dynasty.

Whilst Ivanka holds no formal position in the White House, she is still the first daughter and one who has played a significant role during her father’s election campaign. The Chinese might look to her for a way to open communications with President Donald Trump.

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