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China UFO Sighting and Chinese Drones Causing Sleepless Nights to US, Israel?

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December 7, 2012 in Weird News


For weeks reports of China UFO sighting at its borders with India have been appearing. Now Chinese drones are causing sleepless nights to US and Israel

While drones of the US airforce are quietly dropping bombs at regular intervals in the bordering areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, Iran has surprised the world by capturing two of them within a year.

But what is emerging as even bigger headache for the United States and Israel is the recent reports coming up in various western journals and media that China has joined the drone-making race. It has already gone on with its aircraft carrier project and massive expansion of navy. Its move to manufacture drones in such a large number have alarmed the United States and its allies in the East Asia.

But what is even more shocking is that the drones built by China are much cheaper than the United States or Israel. They were exhibited in twice-a-year show in China recently. Some of the unmanned aerial vehicles built by Chinese firms resemble US drones so far body shape, flight specs, and their missile and surveillance capabilities are concerned, said reports.

China not only has territorial disputes with Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam etc it also wants to expand its navy to Indian Ocean, as such build up is essential for its trade with Africa and Middle East and keep a watch on India. Not only that China has an eye on Pacific Ocean too for obvious military, economic and strategic reasons.

Drones are considered as an effective weapon of future powers of the world. Now armed forces of developed countries are relying heavily on unmanned systems. However, it is too early to suggest how accurate and precise it is in targeting the enemy’s installation or military bases. In Pakistan the drones, according to a study, often ends up bombing civilian targets.

However, drones are helpful in gathering intelligence, as it had been doing in Iran. Even Hezbollah last October sent an Iranian made drone well inside Israel for the purpose of spying.

Though Russia and some European countries are busy in drone making programme it is China which has left them far behind.

Experts are of the view that the CH-4, the Wing Loong and Xianglong appears to be copies of the US Reaper, Predator and Global Hawk respectively.

As Chinese drones are cheaper the Wing Loong, which is equivalent to the Reaper of the United States, reportedly comes at just $ one million compared to the Reaper’s varying price tags in the $30 million range.

The cheaper Chinese drones are a hot export product for the Chinese defence industry. Many Asian and African countries have already placed orders.

The US is deeply concerned at the speed of the Chinese drone programme. According to the Department of Defence’s Defense Science Board (DSB) report: “The military significance of China’s move into unmanned systems is alarming. [China] has a great deal of technology, seemingly unlimited resources and clearly is leveraging all available information on Western unmanned systems development. China might easily match or outpace U.S. spending on unmanned systems, rapidly close the technology gaps and become a formidable global competitor in unmanned systems.”


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