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CERN 2012, yeah, this one is fun and worth a review.

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December 9, 2012 in Weird News



So I have been looking more into this and am struggling to find tentative evidence to either prove or deny the speculation that CERN is cranking the “Doomsday Machine” up to 11 on “Doomsday” December 21, 2012. I have never bought into this whole 2012 thing, but this may be cause to research. I have dug into the official CERN site desperately trying to find concrete evidence of the test but to no avail.

Is this more Hokum? Or is the statue of Shiva Nataraja dancing death at the gates of the CERN Campus more than just a bold slap to the stupid uneducated masses (their beliefs, not mine!)?

Regardless, the forums are abuzz with the last clinging attempts to show something, anything, to vindicate doomsday on the expected date. What does that tell me? Nothing more than fear porn and assjackery designed to keep those who would better serve the cause distracted.

Of course there is more to the story than the little snippets I have cautiously dripped upon my keyboard. This will be the final experiment for what, 2-3 years? And they are maxing out the capabilities of an overworked system that supposedly created multiple micro-black-holes that petered off like sugar ants. But lets get real, gravity doesn’t have enough poop to hold a sandwich together, much less create a singularity sucking the known universe into a scene from “Ren and Stimpy”.

It is all about the electricity! It contains anything, able to move huge boulders with a single spark, spreading across eternity in an invisible purple grid holding everything together. The sun is not a nuke, it is a FUSE! A hub of eternal energy connecting each planet like Tesla never (or maybe he did) imagined. Electricity holds us together, it is our spirit, our God, our life force. Electric water with a metric $#!+ Ton of carbon and trace elements wrapping around a structure built for adaptation.

So, they are arrogant against God. I recall another who shared that sentiment. He built a stairway to heaven or, in proper translation, *bab = gateway and *el = elohim or God. Therefore, Babel = Gateway to God, (right?) and Nimrod sought to build just that in his happy tower. For what it’s worth, Nimrod was Lucifer. Read the story, Isaiah 14. That (14.12) is the only naming of Lucifer I have found in my King James. And that little project went tango uniform!

If you knock on God’s door hard enough, God just might answer. And God does not seem to take well to visitors challenging eternity with arrogance. Yes, thank Ground Zero for that little bugger.

Or, in the off chance that this thing does open up the world of H.P. Lovecraft and squid like gookenschlaben bursts through the veil to destroy us all without care, it was nice being here and we’ve had a great ride!

I leave it in the capable hands of those who frequent this site. Comment, link up to some form of proof, or just spill your selves into the interwebs and hope for the best.

Later daters,

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