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Cannibal Cannabis – ‘Miami Zombie’ update

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June 29, 2012 in Weird News


I hope they’ll look into his immunizations and see if he had been administered any new or experimental vaccines. .

MIAMI, Fla. — Rudy Eugene, the so-called Causeway Cannibal, was not on “bath salts” or any other exotic drug when he chewed off the face of a homeless man last month, according to toxicology results released Wednesday.


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5 responses to Cannibal Cannabis – ‘Miami Zombie’ update

  1. It’s not called anger, or being F’ed up on drugs, it’s called Demonic possession (BTW, I’m not a Bible thumper) a girlfriend suggested that he might be under a voodoo spell, maybe that sounds crazy, but it’s called SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and it is what makes a Super Soldier or a Monarch, or MKultra. It seems there is some programming being triggered, maybe accidentally through drugs, or maybe we are on the verge of a false flag of Biblical proportions.

    • sky said on July 7, 2012

      Yes. It very well may have been some sort of mind control, or loss thereof. I just cannot stress enough that we as U.S. citizens must exercise our 2nd Amendment in protection of life. I’m not scared of a zombie. I’m not scared of any personal attack. What’s REALLY scary is sending my child to public school, as I’m a single parent and have no other option. But yes, demonic possession explains a lot. It’s not about the eating of the face, it’s about the demon’s desire to ruin the life of the person it’s controlling. What could be worse than being naked and eating some other dudes face like a zombie for all of the news media to air? :( So sad.

  2. bath salts ? weed ? gimme a f-ing break . that loser was drunk as hell and a natural born screwhead . . case closed . some people are just nuts . also , something i noticed on the video that i have not seen anyone else mention . just split seconds before the attack began a bicyclist passed the retard at high speed and almost hit him . you could see him swing to hit the man on the bike as he passed . I am willing to bet that man yelled something like ” get out of the way you stupid NI@@ER” and that’s what enraged the already highly agitated moron . well thats just my 2 ameros . flame me if you must

    • also a small disclaimer before someone says i am using racial slurs on here …. I was merely hypothesizing as to what the passer by could have possibly said to flip out the soon to be cannibal and in no way advocate the use of the N word or any other racial slur except in this case where i was posing the question as to what could have possibly enraged dead man .

    • lol,That’s funny. I never heard of, seen or even imagined a person, mad enough at someone to go and eat another persons face off. Maybe beat an innocent person up, but not eat them. That’s just crazy. I’m pointing out the fact that he was sober during this. There is no doubt he had something else wrong with him.

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