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Annunaki, Genetics, & Artifacts

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October 25, 2012 in Weird News



Annunaki, Genetics, & Artifacts



Date: 10-23-12
Host: George Noory
Guests: Michael  Tellinger,                   Charles  Shults III

Scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger discussed archaeological and genetic evidence in support of Zecharia Sitchin’s work showing that the Anunnaki created humans through genetic experimentation to serve as slaves for gold mining. Tellinger spoke of a “vast vanished civilization” in Africa– there are ancient circular structures that cover large parts of the southern half of Africa. These stone ruins, which number in the millions, are associated with the Annunaki, and gold mining operations, he contended. Further, the structures are linked by mysterious channels and roads– not a single stone structure is unconnected, and they have no doors or entrances, so they were not used as dwellings, he said, adding that he believes an advanced technology using sound frequency was involved with the structures.

One of the structures in South Africa, which bears some similarity to Stonehenge, he dubbed ‘Adam’s Calendar,’ and suggested that it’s one of the oldest human sites (at least 75,000 years), and linked to humanity’s creation. Interestingly, Tellinger said the African shaman Credo Mutwa was familiar with the site, and referred to it by a name that translates as “Birthplace of the Son,” a place where humanity was created by the gods.

The Annunaki were not a benevolent species– they were very much “service to self,” Tellinger noted. He now believes that their need for gold was not to fix the atmosphere of their home world (as Sitchin argued), but to use it to form an atmospheric shield to block other intelligences from observing activities on their home planet. The Annunaki’s genetic work with the “entwined essence” (the Sumerian phrase for DNA) involved mixing their DNA with existing Earth species, and energy from the stone structures was utilized in their cloning efforts, he explained.




Space & Technology Update

First hour guest, aerospace and defense systems developer Sir Charles Shults shared updates about a shiny object found on Mars, exoplanets, and technology. The object spotted by the Curiosity rover, found underneath the surface of Martian soil, may be a water-created mineral, he reported. Shults shared his illustration (see below) of the new planet found in the Alpha Centauri system– it’s the closest planet to Earth outside of our solar system, he noted. He also described recent experiments with quantum teleportation, in which a particle of light was teleported 89 miles.

News segment guests: Jim Berkland, Mish Shedlock, Jeff Nelken


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Exoplanet Rendering

Exoplanet Rendering

Charles Shults shares his artistic rendering of what the newly found planet around Alpha Centauri B might look like. He writes: “This is a lava world with one face permanently in the sunlight, much closer than Mercury [is to our sun]. The star, Alpha Centauri B, would appear very large in the sky due to this planet being so close to it.”


Zecharia Sitchin and the Annunaki

Zecharia Sitchin spent nearly his entire adult life believing that he had hit upon the true origins of humankind, which he said were revealed by the Sumerians thousands of years ago.

According to his translations of ancient Sumerian texts on stone tablets, modern man (homo sapien) was the product of prehistoric man (Homo erectus) and an alien race known as the Annunaki.

Zecharia Sitchin was born in the Republic of Azerbaijan in Russia on January 11, 1920. Not long after his birth, his parents emigrated to what was then Palestine where Sitchin began many of his early studies of ancient languages.

After graduating from the University of London with a major in economic history, Sitchin served in WWII in the British Army. He moved back to Israel where he held a number of jobs, including a municipal clerk and a journalist.

Sitchin spent his entire life studying and fine tuning his theory. He believed that Nibiru (often called “Planet X”) still exists, but is only within the solar system every 3600 years after following a long elliptical orbit of Earth.

After spending years translating the texts of the ancient Sumerian tablets, he believed that he not only had another theory to add to the mix, but the one true origin of the planet and of civilization. But had he? Many scientists, archaeologists, and astronomers say that his theory has many flaws in it, including incorrect planetary alignments and manufactured translations and assumptions about the Enuma Elish or the Sumerian creation story.

Other interpreters of the Sumerian writings and the famous VA243 seal which Sitchin says depicts an advanced knowledge of the solar system and shows the twelve planets are in disagreement with him, saying that his translations are wrong. According to other translators and interpreters, the twelve dots that appear on the seal are not the planets, and the Sun symbol is not even on there.

Astronomers do acknowledge that there has been a similar theory of a planetary collision called the giant impact theory. This however relates more to the creation of the Moon by a celestial body colliding with Earth over four billion years ago.

There is also the issue of how a planet could survive thousands of years in complete darkness away from the sun. Sitchin had theories to answer those questions, however most of those theories have been classed as ‘junk science’ with no basis in fact. His belief that layers of radioactive waste kept the planet warm during its orbit was met with no support from the scientific community at large.

The Earth Chronicles

The Annunaki and the Creation of Humankind

The advancement of knowledge has often come from people willing to seek a deeper understanding. While many are content to live within the bounds of what science has determined, there are others who dare to challenge. This holds true of the late Zecharia Sitchin (January 11, 1920 – October 9, 2010).

Zecharia Sitchin is most known for are the books he wrote in relation to prehistoric human beings being genetically altered by an alien species known as the Annunaki. A series of seven books, known as The Earth Chronicles, were written by Sitchin starting with his most widely read publication, The Twelfth Planet, published in 1976.

In The Twelfth Planet, Sitchin makes the assertion that he has indeed translated the ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts from their original language to reveal not just another myth, but indeed the true origins of mankind. It was a very strong assumption to make, however he was convinced that these ancient tablets told the story that all other legends of civilization’s beginning had originated from.

From his translations we are told that the ancient Sumerian culture had an understanding of the solar system. He points to an ancient seal that appears to have a representation of the planets. However, rather than eight, there are twelve. The Sun, the Moon, and Pluto accounted for three of them… but what of this twelfth planet? Sitchin states in his book that the twelfth planet is Nibiru, which is beyond Neptune. From this planet, thousands of years ago, the Annunaki (which he translated to be ‘those from Heaven to Earth came’ or ‘those from above’) visited Earth and combined their genetics with prehistoric man to create a race that would have the physical strength of the latter and the technological ability of the former.

Indeed, it was not just the creation of humankind, but the very planet Earth itself that Nibiru was responsible for, according to Sitchin’s writings.

Nibiru, Marduk, “Planet X”, and the Annunaki

In his translations he claims the name of Nibiru was replaced with the name of the early Babylonian leader Marduk in an attempt to re-write history and make himself the creator of the planet. Nibiru is said to have collided with yet another planet that was supposed to have been located somewhere between Mars and Jupiter named Tiamet. This was the name of the Sumerian goddess that is mentioned with Marduk in the Babylonian creation story. When this collision of Nibiru’s moon and Tiamet occurred, Tiamet was said to have become two parts. One part crashed into the rest of the planet Nibiru and became the comets and minor planets and remained in its location between Mars and Jupiter. The second half crashed again into one of Nibiru’s moons and was pushed outside its orbit. This cosmic accident is what Sitchin said created the planet Earth.

Sumerian Seal VA243

Does this seal show an ancient knowledge of the solar system?

The inhabitants of the alleged planet Nibiru are the Annunaki, a race of extraterrestrials that were highly advanced technologically. Sitchin says that in many of the religions still practiced today, including Judeo/Christian beliefs had accounts in their holy books that make reference to the Annunaki:

In the Bible’s first book, Genesis, they are called the Nephilim, the angels that looked upon the women of Earth and desired to be with them.

In other ancient mythologies, they are the gods and goddesses that held so much power over the Universe and were often said to have had intimate relations with humans.

However, in Sitchin’s translations, the Annunaki had nothing to do with love or desire. It was a quest for more materials and riches, in particular gold.

The first humans were said to have been genetically engineered solely to be slaves to the Annunaki to mine the earth for resources, particularly in Africa. Sitchin believed that the Annunaki became greedy, and wars between themselves began to eat away at their once united front. It is alleged that the ancient city of Ur saw the downfall of the Annunaki where their numbers decreased due to the infighting.

Finally, the planet was left to the human beings engineered by an extraterrestrial race.

Zecharia Sitchin’s Theories are Criticized

Sitchin is criticized from all fronts, whether it is astronomers saying that his planetary measurements don’t add up, that his translations are incorrect, and that he refused to see the beginnings of the Earth and humankind as anything but his own scenario.

Even if the theories were faulty and had flaws that science has not been able to reconcile, Zecharia Sitchin has certainly obtained the respect of people who think outside the boundaries of what is seen and known. There are certainly some interesting points to consider, such as how many religions and belief systems in essence tell the same tale.

The ancient civilizations had gods and goddesses that were more than a little similar to one another. There are stories that are told and retold in different holy books that have many more similarities than differences.

Sitchin’s mathematical conclusions don’t add up to today’s Earth and solar system, but is it possible that in ancient times there was a different alignment?

There has also been ‘dark matter’ seen close to our solar system by astronomers that has scientists baffled as to what it actually is. The return of Nibiru?

Here is Zecharia Sitchin’s 12th Planet audio book. Anyone who is interested in Sitchin and the Annunaki as well as many other mysteries about the past should take a listen. I read this book myself a few years ago and was fascinated by it. There is a lot to think about here! ~ David Slone


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