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WTF is going on with my youtube?

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December 19, 2012 in Video


I wonder if anyone else has noticed, it might be reigonal (I’m in New Zealand) But if I try to watch anything from the Alex Jones chanel, or any similar video, I jsut get a black box that wont play. you tube selectively blocking content?

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7 responses to WTF is going on with my youtube?

  1. if you’re using firefox, you may have the “noscript” addon installed.
    have a hunt around and click “allow youtube” and click “allow ytimg”

  2. Agreed, I have been having issues with listening to AJ in several different ways… I still can but it seems there is more interference, or can’t log on for a while, or there is static or ….. you are not alone.

  3. I listen to alex jones daily via iphone podcasts, which have not been dowloading properly. Only the first five mins seem to be downloading. I hope its a coincidence but lets keep our eyes on this, maybe a cyber attack of sorts.

  4. Nope you’re not alone and I’ve even tried to link my channel to the alex jones channel on the right side bar and it won’t let me , also I made a video on youtube and it’s been deleting my comments and wont;t update properly my numbers either … (video is about “Infowars Drone Mob Contest”) coincidence … m’thinks not that’s why I’m also using VIMEO .. as a 2nd measure ;) cus they’ve also deleted some of my political vids

  5. Not an expert, but most likely ‘some-specific’ content has been BLOCKED. Not that difficult with the modern programming of computers.. Also, ✔Naturally, a ‘countdown-clock’ is up & running online to assist internet surfers with up-to-the-second pending December 21st stats ► http://www.worldend.org/2012/clock-countdown.html

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