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#VIDEO |see UNconstitutional #NDAA detention #search #Arkansas #AR +more states #POLICE state

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January 16, 2013 in Video


✔ SEE►Rampant #INjustice war begins against over-the-top OVERKILL by ► #IRS #Police #Sheriff UNconstitutional AGGRESSION :

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  1. does it not down on you dumb asses that the moon is getting further and further way from the earth 1 inch per year and the moons gravitational pull is effecting the earth which is why we are having weird weather and all these earth quakes you all need to look up the true facts befor you sit down at the computer and type your messages im sure alex knows alot more about it then i do if he doesnt he aught to look that up

  2. On the climate change story, it sounds like they are strong-arming the public. Like the old story of the mobsters. They are creating a problem, selling a solution and to be safe, we pay for protection.It’s crazy.

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