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Top 10 Ways to Earn through Video Sharing

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August 4, 2017 in Video


This is an age of digital world, earning money online is becoming popular and easy way to do work at home. As there are different way to earn money online like doing a freelance content writing, graphics designing, video blogging and web designing. Here we explain those website through which you earn money by posting and sharing videos. As we all know videos become a viral in these days. These websites will help you to earn money also by sharing their own videos clips. The skills you required for that is being creative. But do not thing that it is an easy way to earn money from that there are certain rule and regulation for that, but do not worry much, because Write my Assignment for me have properly explain how to upload videos and what are the rules and regulation about the compatibility of these videos.

How It Works:
All the video website are working on simple revenue method. They give you a place where you published your videos and they execute advertisement from there. Some website work on pay per click method. In which you will earn money as per users view your video.
Producing and sharing video is fun as well as required careful attention. Also do not add anything which is prohibited, you should also keep in mind all the rules and regulation of the particular website. Also maintain tolerance during the payment process. All above website will help you to earn money by sharing videos.

1. Youtube.com:
YouTube is one of the most recognize video sharing platform which is kept by Google. It can easily available on other video sharing websites. YouTube is classify according different types of videos. Also you can upload your interest category video. As it is famous site, so your video is becoming see all the users on Facebook etc. to get money from YouTube first of all create an AdSense account on YouTube, as AdSense is an easy way and the only way to earn money from YouTube. Another thing is also YouTube is paying highest with all other video sharing websites.

2. Dailymotion :
Dailymotion is the second best video sharing website after YouTube and also it is much similar to the YouTube. According to the estimation Dailymotion has a 130 million visitors every month. Dailymotion give 70% of the advertisement to the users who upload videos. It is very useful if you have more visitors in your blogs. The payment process of Dailymotion is that they pay on quarterly basis and you will acquire your knowledge from your publisher account, it is when you reach at the minimize target amount of $100.

3. Vimeo:
Vimeo is a very well recognize video sharing platform. In which you can see, upload and share any type of video. Vimeo come from the word video and me, given by Lodwick. Also this website is best for the directors who want to publish their short film online and their animation skills. A main characteristic of the Vimeo is their high quality video. Because its deal with the high standard of video after 2007. The users of Vimeo is about 100 million visitors in every month.

4. Metacafe:
Metacafe deals with a class like games, movie and TV show. This is one of the easiest website to earn money. Firstly of all you need to maintain an account for the request to upload a video. There are 25 million visitors who visit every month. It is very exclusive website and it has very good quality video. The unique thing in this website is that it has a volunteers who first watch a video and then rank according to the quality of the video. When the video get ranked then It will spread all over and also a best video get awarded.

5. Blip.tv:
Blip.tv has a 20 million visitors every month, and also this website give 50% profit to the people who upload the video. A payment will be given through cheek or a PayPal if you have minimum amount of about $25 till the end of the month. It has on the 8th rank and you will get a sensible pay from the website.

6. Break.com:
You can say that this website is mainly design for men. You can upload videos, pictures and games on this website. It also give you a realistic money for your videos, games and clips. If your video arise from their homepage then you will definitely pay more, up to the $400. If your video clip in included in the gallery then they pay $25. Also follow all rules and regulation and create a PayPal account for payment.

7. Veoh.com :
Veoh is oldest website and also it is not available all over the world. It is actually an internet Television, through which you can easily watch a whole episode of TV shows and movies, it service is available in some countries.

8. Myspace:
Myspace is actually a social networking website which upload user’s blogs, video clips and videos. Its specialty particularly a pop culture and music also a game. It has 8 million visitors who visit every month.

9. Zoom and go:
Zoom and go is a website which focus on the videos and picture about your travelling experiences. Your videos, pictures and reviews should help to a traveler. You can also share any events happening during your travelling that would help to the traveler to take decision about whether they visit or not that particular place. You can get money for the videos, photos and any reviews and also about hotels or tourist.

10. Flixya.com:
Flixya is one of the easiest website to make money through your google AdSense. It uses your Google AdSense account to share your videos, clips and blogs and then it will take all the profit that they earn from your creative idea. So it is important to share good quality pictures. You can start earning within a month or two from your google AdSense account. It does not require your too much time and effort, you can get money by handling your AdSense.

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