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The Strawman that broke the slave camels’ back

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December 2, 2012 in Video


Good Day Fellow Infowarriors!
I have created 2 videos…

1. Intro Video


2.Montage Video

*if you would like to download the montage video simply click here and look for the button “download” underneath the video and you’ll have the different formats to choose from !
Also, you can join my group ( FREE-Quency Fighters) or follow me @flipthistweet !

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4 responses to The Strawman that broke the slave camels’ back

  1. Great post, I’ve watch this strawman video before. The only problem that I see, and this is across the board about truth in general, it’s so abstract to what the sheeple have been indoctrinated to believe that they can’t help themselves but to immediately dismiss the facts based in logic and truth and label it conspiracy, or call it a lie.

    This is the hurdel we must confront as truth tellers, as children of God. We must find away around their branwashing and enlighten the people with the truth so “We the People”, of America and eventually world wide, as was intended, can live as free men and women under God, one Nation with Liberty and justice for all, without interference from government or any one. God Bless

    NOTE* Read “The Law” by Bastiat.

    • Think that you’re absolutely right, it’s like the expression you can guide a horse to water but you can’t make him drink! The only thing I hope to accomplish is to get Atleast one person a day to question the things around him/her and that’s about all, anything else is a bonus ! Thx for the book ref.

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