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The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers on YouTube – PROPAGANDA!

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December 13, 2012 in Video


This is subtly formed propaganda. The devil just loves to mix his lies with a little truth. I wonder how many people can spot the truth amidst all of the lies?

Here’s the first version – Click here.

Here’s the second version – Click here.

I refer to two versions because videos like to disappear from YouTube.

Just a few points in case you don’t agree with me:

1) The founding fathers were NOT ‘illuminized’. In fact George Washington was aware and worried about the infiltration of the Masons by the Illuminati.

2) The founding fathers desired and implemented a REPUBLIC and not a DEMOCRACY because only a republic can guarantee the rights of the individual whereas a democracy is the rights of the collective.

3) More to come (if you wish)…


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