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The Arrest Of Long Island UFO Investigator John Ford, June 1996 – Convicted By The Media

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January 25, 2016 in Video


Please read the article on The John Ford Initiative in the Activism section of this site. We hope you will do your research and give us your support, as well as, join The John Ford Support Group also here at this site. It is hoped you will spread the word about the injustice done to John Ford. May peace be with you always. These videos serve to illustrate the lengths at which the media undertook to convict John Ford in the public’s mind. John Ford has never had a trial.

The videos represent news reports over a 10-12 day period, and although they seem repetitive, there are new revelations with each video. Please be patient.

Also, please keep these points in mind;

1) The prosecutors would have you believe that someone would have been able to repeatedly break into Powell’s house without being detected to lace his sugar bowls, toothpaste and cars. Really? Every night or whatever for years? And just how would you put radium in a tube of toothpaste?

2) Police reports would have you believe that John Ford sat in his car near Powell’s house for two nights with a rifle at his side. John Ford has assured a close friend that he didn’t even know where Powell lived. If he was there, why wasn’t he arrested then?

3) If John Ford was planning to run for a seat in the 3rd District of the state assembly, what motive could he possibly have for “hatching” a murder plot?

4) Notice how Catterson demonizes John Ford without a shred of evidence to support his assertions.


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Thanks to JZ for the video series.

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