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Something strange I found on Youtube..

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January 23, 2013 in Video


Hey Guys! Hope all is well :)
Just wanted to say firstly how proud I am of this community and how we are growing and stronger than ever. I see more and more followers of the truth daily and it really makes me happy. So great job everyone!

Anyhow, this is something interesting I stumbled upon on youtube.

If you search “Illuminati” (as I do to stay updated and gain more knowledge on the situation)
And you choose the “view count” option ..
Oh, look who it is! All published by VEVO and associates!

You can take a look at a quick screenshot here: http://imgur.com/DezVoIB

Or you can try it out for yourself!

Do they really think that we are that stupid? Really?
Just something interesting I stumbled upon.

Check it out !

Love & Light everyone :)
Feel free to add me as a friend or send me a message xo

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2 responses to Something strange I found on Youtube..

  1. I just tried it and VEVO is what I got all right. What is the significance of “view count”?? I’m not exactly a computer wiz so someone fill me in on this please.


  2. Aw shucks thanks for being proud, this site is pretty cool considering the topics are exactly what’s censored in a typical day.

    So what’s the point of VEVO, is it owned by Ted Turner or something?

    Have you seen secrets in plain sight, I posted it here under the title American Freemasonry explained & more!

    Rock on

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