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Reuploaded Censored/Deleted Video of Katy Perry’s Elvin Duran Interview

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June 9, 2017 in Video


Katy Perry’s interview at the Elvis Duran Show after the Manchester terror attack.

If you can’t see the video: Click this link or copy and paste it onto your webbrowser.

- Reuploaded because Katy Perry allegedly removed this video after immense backlash.
- Also. this video will not be memory holed.
- She also said “No barriers, no borders” and meanwhile she lives in a 45 million home with walls and a gate.
- She said we needed to “just coexist” and “love on each other”after the Manchester terror attacks.
- Whether she meant regular people and terrorists (or) the fans of Ariana Grande and her fans is up for debate.

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