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“Infowars Drone Mob Contest” – Submission Video

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December 18, 2012 in Video


As I have sent an email to contest@infowars.com / letter@infowars.com ..that returned a “Delivery Error Email” .. so not sure if it was both addresses or just one , I’m posting my submission here! Hope you guys don’t mind… it’s just really important to me this contest and hope that you guys see it in time! So here it goes my orignal message !

Dear Infowars Team ,

I would like to graciously thank you for allowing Canadians to participate
in your contest ! Infowars is an intrical part of my life and seeing all
of you daily keeps hope alive for the rest of us for a better future!
What you guys and gals do .. is pretty much overworked, underpaid,
underappreciated ..and most of the time it’s by the very people you’re
trying to help (people plugged in to the grid). Especially, now with the
recent massacre at newton, I fear your jobs and duties will be kicked into
overdrive. So just to let you know, I appreciate every action you take to
fight tyranny on a global level, and will do everything in my capablitly
to help from my side. Because the world right now is on fire and just
because something isn’t neccessarily happening in one’s “neck of the
woods” doens’t mean time to stand down. Because like a fire, if not put
out will quickly spread and destroy the rest of the fabric (of humanity).
So a very Merry Christmas to Aaron Dykes, Melissa Melton , Jackari
Jackson, Dan Bidondi,Kristi Hightower,Paul Watson, David Knight, David Ortiz, Darrin McBreen, and
Alex Jones to whom pioneered the infowars to what it is today!
Regardless, who wins the contest it’s just a great honour to be able to know
that something I’ve done will be looked over by such high caliber people
with actual moral fiber and backbones ! I salute you and wish all the best
for 2013!

Creatively Yours,
Courtney Driver
a.k.a. @flipthistweet



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6 responses to “Infowars Drone Mob Contest” – Submission Video

  1. Great Job courtney I think this is a winner for sure.

    • Well knock on wood , it would be a tremendous honour and one of my greatest dreams is to be able to work with/make a documentary film with the Infowars Team ! So I’ve done my best now it’s in the universes’ hands :D Happy Holidays Bsouljah and thanks for the support !

  2. I’ll check on the submission issue. But, in the meantime you may want to re-edit your piece. We updated the contest with a 5 min time limit. Your video is good but you can’t win if its over 5mins.

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