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Black Friday Zombies At Walmart

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November 24, 2012 in Video



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2 responses to Black Friday Zombies At Walmart

  1. I watched the video, and I’m disgusted, the final straw for me, I’m definitly convinced now that America is gone and for anyone out there that is talking about saving America, and those that would die for what has become on this country, you need to think again. Worry about you family and friends. I’ve given up on the American people fuck ‘em. I’d even help to round them up and put in FEMA camps, they are fucking animals.

    • And it is for this reason more than one would think or know, that many Americans are leaving this shithole, and renouncing their citizenship in large numbers. You’ll never hear about this exodus on the 6 o’clock news though. So therefore it doesn’t exist.

      Here is shit load of free resources for ex-patriots:
      Escape From America

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