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Another Case of NWO/New-Age/Hippie/Collectivist Propaganda

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December 12, 2012 in Video


The Plague of Hippy Bullcrap continues unabated,  now hijacking much material that those in the “truth movement” have come to know and share.  Right from the start, this waste of two hours (including me going online and whining about it) lays it on thick,  things are gonna change,  just go with it,  preparing is stupid,  and if  one maintains one of those dreamy,  lovey-dovey, “the world’s just groovy baby, don’t be a drag, man”  attitudes,  everything will be ok.  Yeah, right.  Just how stupid do they think you are? …pretty stupid,  apparently.  Reminds me of  the Japanese scientist who said : “the radiation will not harm you if you keep smiling”.


(I don’t especially agree with “rationalwiki.org”, they just had the data)


Not an opportunity was missed to normalize Chemtrails in the viewer’s subconscious on this spool of mental floss.

I highly recommend seeing this wee doco (the doe-eyed new-agers hate it) : http://www.davidwantstofly.de/

May you be bestowed with a bounty of cheese,  Nyantaro.

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  1. The New World of Love, he said…LMAO!

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