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A group of Syrian soldiers in full combat gear dancing to R&B star Usher’s hit tune “Yeah!”

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February 8, 2013 in Video


A recent YouTube clip presents one of the more bizarre sights  to have emerged from the  syrian war.
It shows a group of Syrian soldiers in full  combat gear, wielding automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades dancing to  R&B star Usher’s hit tune “Yeah!”
with a building burning in the background.

Near the end of the video, they stop dancing and break into their version of an often heard battle chant in the Middle East: “With our souls, our blood, we sacrifice for you Bashar!” as black smoke billows from a building in the background.

In a jarring finale, they shoot bursts of automatic gunfire in the air.

Syrian soldiers dance to Usher s  Yeah!
The clip filmed in southern Syrian was obtained from Ugarit  News

Read more:  http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/343053#ixzz2KIjqGSL0


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