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4 minutes,GREY HUMAN .Your views wanted.Real?Fake?Vivisection?Harm?Love?Peace?Freedom?

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November 9, 2012 in Video


I wondered what you thought of this video ? Please leave your view .The youtube comments were mostly by Zombies.If you think it is fake or real ,please give your reason why.
The Veda tells us that once we were able to sit with perfectly straight spines and lived much longer and therefor abel to do yoga postures to achieve Krishna Consciousness but now we are diminished and therefor Bhakti Yoga is recommended .There are hellish ,Earthly and Heavenly planets and 8,400,000 species and 400,000 are human .The other planets are not as fortunate, as earthly planets are for going back to the spiritual planets .If the other humans are more diminished and live for many thousands of years and have reached a point of surrender to Krishna that could be why they make a desperate attempt to reach Earth .The human in the video has a very curved spine and looks tired of material life and just wants to find real love of Krishna.

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2 responses to 4 minutes,GREY HUMAN .Your views wanted.Real?Fake?Vivisection?Harm?Love?Peace?Freedom?

  1. I truly beleive in E.T.’s. Too much physical evidence, and credible eyewitness testimony exists for me to deny it. I do not beleive however, we have ever captured one alive anywhere, and this video does nothing to credit that we have. it would be like a bunch of ants capturing a human being. This video was clearly created, and if you look at the fine pixels, you can see that. also the ‘alien’ movements are copied and looped even within the video. its irritating that people put out so much false and engineered stuff, it makes all the credible evidence seem harder to beleive.

  2. Hay nonanobot that was cool yea and people out there wonder why people like us just don’t trust our government. But that is ok the truth will come out.

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