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worshipers of the beast

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February 16, 2013 in Uncategorized


I hope this offends ALL of you creeps !

Reading up on posts and listening to the radio the past few days and it just really makes me sick, to hear mainly “protestants” talking about the ‘beast’ and anti-Christ like snake-oil salesmen.

You would dare to insinuate that the beast is on-par with the Creator ? You scum ! God is witness and will be your final judge.

Why not say that every act or gift Jehovah has given us is the work of the devil ? Idiots !

Go worship the beast with your banker brethren. Your capitalist, statist, slave-minded brethren.

When the bankers pull out their idol for you to worship, I’m sure he’ll be wearing a suit and tie so that you won’t feel too humbled bowing to him. Flock to him.

God ! Idiots !

You don’t even know what the Ark is, nor have the key of David… and yet you are so quick to judge. Well we know what the Bible says about that you freaks !

Gnash your teeth you freaks, you’ve offended God so grievously there will be no salvation for you. Jehovah will not, nor ever will, ever provide you with the keys to His Kingdom.

God damn you all !

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  1. someone needs to take their pills today

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