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Why are SHEEPLE so hard to wake up?

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February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized


This is a rant from an irrational moron.  I think too much and I am simply too negative.  I do not like Dancing with the Stars.  I only enjoy being around nature, my little nieces and nephews, and the ocean.  If you are smart you can see what is wrong with me.  I get sick when I see a speech from Obuma or any of the disinfecting government/media heads.  Don’t you understand, being informed is not only inconvenient but it is also impractical.  I struggle, They Live. Enough silliness, the point of life is the struggle.  Struggle in fact, is the fun stuff.  Rebuilding the top end on a motorcycle when you have no experience or clue, that is fun. Get a the book and do it.  Failure is also fun.  Failure is equivalent to learning and empowerment. If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you could possible imagine… All of this is living life.  So why is it so hard to wake up the sheeple?  The answer is fear, an enemy and a friend.  If you let fear own you than a sheeple you become.  If you embrace fear, powerful you become. Do not hate the sheeple, love them, we all bathed in ignorance at one point in our life and still do.  In truth they are us, take away our experience and knowledge and we our them. Love the sheeple as you would love yourself. Just a rant from an irrational moron.

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  1. Post was useless, but in responding to the title: daily indoctrination via tv, news sites, and media sites; a history of indoctrination; a culture of indoctrination and depravity; bad diet; and a service economy.

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